1 the sewage treatment equipment single-family villas integration small sewage treatment equipment waste water processor after-sales service

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-31
Many netizens in consulting about 1 sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find three articles about 1 sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the original title: 1 sewage treatment equipment integrated sewage treatment equipment run what need to pay attention to in the process of sewage treatment equipment run there are a lot of things to pay attention to, so should be in strict accordance with the operating instruction manual and the manufacturer mentioned points, it can also reduce the chance of equipment management during the operation of sewage treatment equipment is very important to you how to choose the urban life sewage treatment equipment required for a better deal with 1. First of all, when the choice, you should know that this kind of sewage treatment equipment technology is a reliable, teach out integrated wastewater treatment equipment failure believe in the use of sewage treatment plant or enterprise will encounter problem such as equipment operation is abnormal or leaking, then this article for everyone to understand common failures and solutions if 1 integration of sewage treatment equipment can't normal discharge sewage treatment equipment, we can check the contact oxidation pool, pool sedimentation tank, sterilization tank and sludge connecting pipe blockage 2, the second type of problems: the contact oxidation pond aeration uneven if integrated wastewater treatment equipment is not evenly exposed in the oxidation pond, we can check whether equipment aeration fan outlet valve in the normal position, and confirm the equipment of aerator is usually damaged this is due to excessive water, equipment is unable to properly handle the sewage processing or uneven and contact oxidation tank rural sewage treatment equipment prices well ventilation or in a stop state for a long time, it must be to develop a biofilm 2, single-family villas integration of sewage treatment equipment small waste water processor after-sales service single-family villas - integrated sewage treatment equipment Small waste water processor, companies with advanced technology, reliable product quality, high efficiency and fast customer service, honesty and credit business philosophy, the improvement of the living environment of the 21st century and the pursuit of high quality life to villa sewage mainly comes from the daily washing and flushing toilet sewage, pollution concentration is low, can good biological sex, according to the water can be used in a small sewage treatment equipment of sewage into the grille, intercepting sewage of suspended solids, again by the lift pump into the precipitation sand pool, through the sand removal from sewage water separator sand granular suspended solid, after settling pit treatment to adjust pool, water quality of sewage water, nitrogen, phosphorus and biodegradable suspended particles, processing to the water quality to achieve comprehensive discharge standard company suspended matter concentration a batch of excellent scientific research technology and management professionals, can provide customers with a good pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, we are more willing to serve the masses of users in the following aspects: a. Pre-sale service: before buying 1 sewage disposal equipment products of the company, we will provide you with the detailed product introduction and breeding of sewage treatment facilities and conditions of use and according to your requirements to provide you with the ideal design and reference, integrated wastewater treatment equipment failure to solve one, the integration of wastewater treatment equipment is not normal, check the contact oxidation pool, pool sedimentation tank, sterilization tank, sludge unicom pipe blockage ( Blockage is usually fall off of biofilm and damaged elastic integrated wastewater treatment equipment in xinjiang three-dimensional packing) Second, the integration of sewage treatment equipment contact oxidation pond aeration uneven: check whether the aeration fan outlet valve is in the normal position, damage of aerator is four, the integration of wastewater treatment equipment creature hangs the membrane contact effect is not obvious: check whether the contact oxidation pool aeration is even, whether the second pond sludge pump to the pool, if the above situation is normal, adding the right amount of nutrition to the pool, Sugar, urea, etc. ) Five, the automatic control equipment malfunction solution: check whether automatic control cabinet power supply is normal, check the integrated wastewater treatment equipment supporting the lift pump and aeration fan whether damage ( At this point can form current is too large, short circuit switch automatically disconnect) About how integrated wastewater treatment equipment malfunction solution is introduced here, in the use of equipment, to regularly check equipment, 1 sewage treatment equipment don't problems such as big, to find, it will cause damage to equipment, may I have an idea how should maintain wastewater treatment equipment, is very helpful in peacetime maintenance equipment
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