3 Annoying Problems of Pool Filters

by:Jinwantong     2020-07-26
Everything about swimming pool is good except troubleshooting pool filters. You can expect one or the other problem every fortnight with your swimming pool sand filter. Repairs are expensive, but more importantly, you lose a lot of time in the process. An effective method to counter this is to be aware of the common annoying problems that can arise with pool filters and learning how to fix it. This will minimize the need to seek professional help and thus save a lot of time and money. You can use this saved time to enjoy in the pool!
1. Noisy Pool Filter
This is the most annoying problem. It not only annoys you, nay your neighbors too, at times. Therefore, fixing this at the earliest is of paramount importance. A swimming pool sand filter can become noisy due to a lot of reasons, but the most common reason is excessive flow. If your pump is oversized, that can cause noise in filter valve. Similarly, wear and tear can also result in a noisy pool filter. Changing the valve, installing small eyeball fittings, or changing the size of the pump impeller can usually resolve this 'noisy' issue.
2. Popping Valve
This is another common problem that irritates many owners. The moment the pressure reaches 15 psi (sometimes even lower), the valve on top of fiberglass filter will pop off! Though there are a handful of temporary solutions to fix this issue, it is always advisable to replace the filter when faced with a popping valve problem.
3. Leaking Back
This usually happens with a DE filter. The common cause is an air leak. In most cases, installing a check valve between the filter valve and pump will resolve the issue. In other cases, a tear in the filter elements may be the culprit. Don't try to fix the tear. It is not going to work long term. Instead, replace it. That will ensure smooth functioning.
Don't wait for any problem to occur. Clean your filter regularly and take good care of it.
If any crash course is available for learning troubleshooting, then that is your best bet. Otherwise, go through the swimming pool sand filter manual carefully. The manual will have enough information about the basics of maintenance and troubleshooting. You can do most of the fixing yourself if you have some idea about the equipment. Talk to your dealer about this while buying the filter. That can also equip you with basic knowledge.

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