3 Most Common Types of Swimming Pool Filters

by:Jinwantong     2020-07-28
Seasoned pool owners already know the importance of filtration. In order to maintain a clean and safe swimming environment, you must have working filters in place. Whether you use a chlorinated or salt water system, it's important to have the right filter installed. Let's take a look at three of the most common types of swimming pool filters to help you determine which is best to use in your home in-ground or above-ground pool.
The Sand Filter
The Sand Filter is appropriately because the device holds an amount of sand use for pool filtration. With this device, pool water flows into the filter, through the sand and out the other end. Any debris and dirt carried by the water is trapped in the sand, leaving cleaner water to flow out into the pool. Through back-washing and changing the sand for optimal result, all the bad stuff is removed completely. The sand filter is perhaps one of the best known and easiest types of filters to install and use.
The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter
Similarly built to the sand filter, the DE filter instead uses a special substance to clear debris from your pool water. Diatomaceous earth, unlike regular sand and soil, is finer and works well to sieve out smaller particles. DE filters are sometimes known as water polishers for the work they do.
The Cartridge Filter
This type of filter is easily recognizable. Rather than using a grainy substance, a cartridge not unlike one you'd use in your sink or air ducts is used to trap soil and debris. Because of the nature of the design, some pool owners may prefer this type of filter because it's easier to tell when a cartridge needs changing.
The type of filter you use for your home swimming pool will largely depend on a number of factors. What size pool do you have, what is in your budget, and how often you plan to use your pool. The more you swim - especially if you live in an area with a nice year-round climate - the more likely you are to change out filtration. Any pool is a serious investment, so you want to be certain you get the filtration system set up correctly the first time.
When in doubt, consult with a pool service professional at your local supply store. Learn everything you can about the filter you will install in your pool.

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