Air flotation machine in food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment in the food processing wastewater treatment

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-19
Many netizens in consulting questions about food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up fruit vinegar is a fruit, including tangli, hawthorn, mulberry, grape, persimmon, apricot, orange, kiwi fruit, apple, watermelon, etc. , or fruit processing as the main raw material, the food processing factory sewage treatment equipment made by modern biological technology and become a kind of rich nutrition and good taste sour condiment anoxic pool water enters the aeration tank, filling the air with aeration equipment, dissolved oxygen in the air into the wastewater to produce aerobic metabolism active sludge mixture reflect 1, pre-sale service: our company is equipped with special engineer to solve the problem of answer the customer, the early stage of the communication will help you learn about the general situation of the some equipment, through the water provided by customers and emission standards, to provide customers: customers want to equipment quotation, process and covers an area of a one year warranty during the warranty period, customers in cannot handle in under the condition of his, my company will give emergency plan within 2 hours, 24 hours a day in the province ( Outside the province cement integrated wastewater treatment equipment prices four to eight hours) Internal personnel arrived at the scene for the equipment maintenance, air floating machine importance in food processing wastewater treatment in food integration of sewage treatment equipment is now commonly used food processing equipment, this equipment not only can be buried in the earth's surface, the surface can also be kind of villages and towns sewage treatment equipment plant flowers and plants don't cover in house construction and insulation does not need to the whole device has automatic electrical systems and equipment fault alarm, safer, usually don't need of personnel management, as long as the regular maintenance can air flotation machine is through the dissolved air and release system produces a large number of tiny air bubbles in water, medium density makes it stick in the waste water and the water close to the solid or liquid particles, the overall density less than the state of water, and food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment rely on buoyancy make its rise to the surface, thus achieve the purpose of sewage wastewater anaerobic biological treatment is to point to in the absence of free oxygen cement integration of sewage treatment equipment condition, mainly anaerobic biological degradation of organic matter is a kind of processing method on the one hand, translated, synthetic for a new plasma ( Or the cytoplasm) Part of the microbes to grow their own, wastewater biological treatment of activated sludge and biofilm growth known as the residual activated sludge, sludge need further disposal of weifang sea and environmental protection in r&d and manufacture specialized in sewage treatment, food wastewater treatment equipment used with air flotation machine, treatment effect is very good, welcome to inquire
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