Bean products wastewater treatment equipment bean products factory sewage treatment tofu processing wastewater treatment process of equipment operation

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-25
Many netizens in consulting about bean products wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second paper on the relevant materials of bean products wastewater treatment equipment, please follow look small make up bean products in machining process of waste water mainly come from raw material, the baptism of soy bean, bean and squeezing wastewater and washing wastewater, the wastewater of high organic matter content of hospital sewage treatment equipment, biological sex is strong, is environmental pollution of main technological processes for high concentration wastewater 'anaerobic hydrolysis precipitation + air flotation + biological contact oxidation +' the main body of technology ( 2) Regulating pool: this unit is mainly water and water quality, balance, reduce peak of water, the impact on the subsequent processing unit load is greatly reduced bean products wastewater treatment equipment water changes on treatment effect and the effect of reducing processing structure of the volume of saving project investment cost, is advantageous for the system automation control ( 3) Anaerobic hydrolysis pool: in high concentration in the wastewater treatment process, anaerobic treatment technology is a key step, the success of the anaerobic hydrolysis section removal efficiency can reach more than 50% ( 6) 沉淀池:主要是利用重力的作用使废水中的悬浮物、生物处理后产生的污泥或生物膜与水分离,形成泥水界面一、豆制品厂污水豆制品污水处理设备达标排放原标题:豆制品厂污水经豆制品污水处理设备后达标排放豆制品厂生产污水需要怎么处理,豆制品厂的废水要使用什么设备进行处理,豆制品污水达标排放的关键是什么经过潍坊远航环保科技有限公司专业设计的豆制品加工一体化污水处理设备处理后可达到标准,该豆制品污水处理设备工艺流程:格栅→初沉池→调节池→水解酸化池→一级接触氧化池→二级接触氧化池→沉淀池→达标排放我公做污水处理一体化设备的厂家司研发生产的豆制品污水处理设备经碳钢防腐处理或采用不豆制品污水处理设备锈钢构件,现场拼接组合而成,重量轻巧,易于运输,方便安装,具有耐腐蚀、抗老化,使用寿命长等特点我方不定期回访,协助操作人员对豆制品污水处理设备操作管理和建立档案二、豆制品厂污水处理豆腐加工污水处理设备运行流程豆腐作坊污水处理设备工艺流程沉淀池+曝气调节池+水解酸化池+一级接触氧化池+缺氧池+二级接触氧化池+沉淀池+消毒池废水经管网收集后沉淀经格栅自流进入曝气调节池,由提升泵将废水提升进入一体化设备内部,经水解酸化、二级接触氧化等生物处理工艺,最后经过沉淀、消毒等物化工艺,出水达到城镇污水处理厂污染物排放标准针对混合废水平均COD 不高( 2 000~3 000mg/L) , most of the pollutants through enhancing the characteristics of preprocessing to remove this project adopts the improved technology of activated sludge process as a subject, through biological selector setting and nutrient of reasonable allocate, realizing a continuous stable wastewater treatment, avoids anaerobic treatment more complicated operation and management requirements, sewage plants, major equipment startup domesticated a long time, large consumption of alkali bean products wastewater treatment equipment and operating problems such as unstable vulnerable, and overcome the bean products wastewater aerobic treatment process easy generation of filamentous fungi faults, the steel structure of the sludge bulking 2, section water reflux dissolved air flotation method, contact room rise velocity for 9 mm/s, separation chamber surface hydraulic load is 2 m3 / ( m2·h) , the total capacity is 120 m3 / h waste water through the grille, very large suspended solids in sewage removal, floats, and ribbons, prevent subsequent pipeline equipment jams, at the same time also can greatly reduce processing load (biochemical system 1) High and low concentration wastewater adjusting pool set up separately, solved the problem of uniformity of the water quantity and water quality of waste water, in high concentration regulation pool with steam tube at the same time, meet the requirements of medium temperature anaerobic reaction, pre aeration facilities are installed in mixed regulation pool, prevent suspended solids precipitation and corruption
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