Beautiful rural sewage treatment equipment after 5 m h beautiful rural sewage treatment process technical specifications

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-02
Many netizens in consulting about beautiful rural sewage treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website to introduce beautiful rural sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up and then by the lift pump quantitative to adjust the adjustment of the water, the water quality in the pool after adjustment of wastewater by anaerobic aerobic A/O biological contact oxidation process, using the function of biofilm first into ammonia nitrogen, organic pollutant and through aerobic nitrate beautiful rural sewage treatment equipment and working principle of the anoxic denitrification process of sewage treatment equipment in addition to the removal of organic matter and ammonia nitrogen organic components in sewage of this project is higher, BOD5 / CODcr = 0. 5, can better biological sex, so the slash organic matter content in the wastewater biological treatment method is the most economical because of ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater and organic matter content is higher, especially organic nitrogen, in the biological degradation of organic matter, organic nitrogen will be displayed in the form of ammonia nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen is an important index of pollution control, so sewage treatment by anaerobic aerobic biological contact oxidation of A/O process, namely the biochemical pool should be divided into class A pool and the level O pool a-class artesian water enters the level O pool, pool biochemical pool of O level processing on autotrophic bacteria ( Nitrifying bacteria) Completed, they take advantage of organic matter decomposition of inorganic carbon source or carbon dioxide from the air as nutrition, ammonia nitrogen in wastewater can be converted to NO2 - - N, NO3 - N pieces of cultivation of denitrifying bacteria in the system and denitrifier, at the same time to remove the purpose of the carbonaceous organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater, and treated with common activated sludge process to add nitrogen than tertiary treatment system, infrastructure investment, low operation cost, low power consumption, covers an area of less, beautiful country SMART integrated wastewater treatment equipment of the trial-produce the original title: beautiful countryside SMART integrated wastewater treatment equipment in north ticket trial-produce, on November 25, chaoyang north votes, saves a environmental protection industrial park production workshop, the workers are assembling integrated wastewater treatment equipment, a noble environmental protection industrial park is located in the north ticket liaoning saves park economic development zone, environmental protection equipment, enterprise as north ticket enclave economy project, planning a total investment of 1 billion yuan, covers an area of 100 mu, the proposed construction of 8 plants, construction area of 5. 5 m2 fecal sewage treatment equipment project to a transfer of Beijing daxing production base, mainly producing beautiful countryside SMART integrated wastewater treatment equipment, composite thermal induced phase control fiber ultrafiltration membrane, the wuxi integrated wastewater treatment equipment cleaning filter water purification products have a number of patented technologies such as SMART integrated wastewater treatment equipment have been the new government headquarters in Beijing, male, new district and north ticket beautiful rural sewage treatment equipment local application, demonstration effect is obvious
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