Best Above Ground Pool Filters - Save Money With

by:Jinwantong     2020-09-06

The sun is hot and you are all ready to take a nice dip in the pool to cool off. You climb the ladder, take a deep breath and look down into the murky, green and cloudy mosquito land your pool seems to have turned into over night! Guess it is time to look into getting that new pool filter you have been putting off for a while. Of course, you do not want just any old pool filter; you want one of the best above ground pool filters you can possibly find.
As always, the first step is to start looking for an affordable filter manufactured by a reputable company. Going cheap is not an option, but going affordable is. A filtration system is more than just a means of keeping your pool pretty, after all. Clean pool water with a lower use of chemicals reduces serious health risks, therefore keeping you and your family healthy and able to enjoy your summer more. Hayward has a proven track record with a thirty-year reputation in the field of pools and accessories. Somehow, they have managed to produce consistently, the best above ground pool filters at a price that is affordable.
The second step in selecting a new filter is to search for high performance and durability. The Hayward S180T Pro Series filters feature a top diffuser, which distributes the unfiltered water over a bed of sand in a cascade pattern. This allows for the greatest amount of filtration possible from every square inch of sand. Afterwards, the self-cleaning under-drain assembly provides a fast, balanced, flow of clear water back into the pool and allows for more thorough backwashing. All this power housed in a corrosion-proof housing to protect the filter from severe weather for years to come, all adds up towards making this truly one of the best above ground pool filters you could possibly find.
Lastly, we need to think about the ease of maintenance and use, and the equipment's overall ecological impact. The Hayward S180T makes simple maintenance easy by providing a unique folding ball joint in the laterals for ease of access. Additionally, the Hayward's 'full-flow' technology severely reduces energy costs as the filter operates for shorter periods, cleaning much more in a whole lot less time! Their patented multiport control valve has seven different pool filter positions with an easy-to-use lever-action handle that lets you quickly and easily 'dial' any function required. (Note:For best results, always turn the multiport valve handle in the SAME direction! This helps prevent serious damage to the 'spoked' valve gasket inside the housing). All of this powerful filtration provides much cleaner pool water while requiring much fewer chemicals, making your pool safer for children and pets and the ecosystem too!
Overall, I would have to say that, with its ease of use, energy efficiency and durability, I would have to say that the Hayward S180T Pro Series ranks at the top spot for best above ground pool filters. Add in an extremely affordable price tag, energy and chemical savings over the years, plus being ecologically friendly and you definitely have a winner!

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