Body wastewater treatment equipment integration of several common wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-20
Many netizens in consulting about the problem of sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about introduction of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the integration of village and town sewage treatment engineering of sewage treatment equipment is commonly used equipment, domestic rural is the most widely used AO process, MBR process and SBR process AO body chemical sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment of this kind of integration device effluent can reach the town sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard 'level 1 B standard, adaptability is very broad, relatively low cost is especially suitable for daily - 10 tons About 100 tons of low concentration domestic sewage treatment, in addition to the scenic area, such as organic sporadic sewage also can use this class for such equipment integration of MBR wastewater treatment equipment integration of MBR wastewater treatment equipment water can reach the town sewage treatment plant emissions standards '1 A standard, A more suitable for rural centralized village sewage treatment, integrated wastewater treatment equipment and medicine when we usually use integrated wastewater treatment equipment, in order to be able to handle wastewater in the material, we also need to adding some reagents to the device, to achieve the treatment effect, so should be how to integrated wastewater treatment equipment dosing, any need to be aware of for the dosing integrated wastewater treatment equipment dosing is the basic link of production activity, determines the quality of the late equipment basic treatment effect when we in to the device dosing, must pay attention to master the body sewage treatment equipment correct operation method, because this is an important link of wastewater treatment process, the proper dosage is key determinants of treated water quality general equipment in the work, we need to ensure that the amount of acid and alkali solution can guarantee the PH of the water reaches 6 ~ 9 can above is small make up for how to dosing of the brief introduction of the integrated wastewater treatment equipment, at the time of dosing or according to the actual situation of sewage, wastewater treatment equipment system changes in the environment of heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment has A great influence, to beautify the living environment, so in the oily sewage treatment equipment for medicine should also be careful not to cause harm to the environment
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