Buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment importance talk about buried sewage treatment equipment, environmental protection industry

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-13
Many netizens in consulting questions about the buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about this paper introduces the related information of buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment, please follow look small make up the original title: how the buried sewage treatment equipment installation and commissioning will follow below small make up together to learn about the buried sewage treatment set medical wastewater treatment equipment company how to debug and install it today with everyone know about the way A body buried sewage treatment equipment installation, debugging, buried sewage treatment equipment debugging work about 15 days, in order to speed up progress of debugging, can put strain, in order to reduce the loss of bacteria can reduce water inflow and start the air blower for aeration, until A layer of orange biofilm has grown on the packing, or packing has been completed hanging membrane, and then will increase to more than the rated flow into the water is LanYi environment protection to introduce the buried sewage treatment have buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment for the specific process of debugging and installation, hope you can help one to read about buried sewage treatment equipment, environmental protection industry the importance of combining foreign yunchen of sewage and wastewater treatment equipment water treatment technology development of buried sewage treatment equipment, not only effectively save area, smooth and quiet in the underground operation according to the right of this tripod environmental protection sewage treatment plant at home and abroad are summarized, on the basis of operating experience, combined with engineering practice, USES the method of A/O process, designed A set of buried sewage treatment plant, i. e. , according to the carbon steel corrosion protection as the main raw material of YT H - buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment DMS series sewage treatment equipment I buried sewage treatment equipment company is a combination of integration process, using international advanced raw comprehensive hospital sewage treatment equipment new technology of wastewater treatment, removal of BOD5, COD and NH3 - N at a suit, a technology is stable and reliable performance, good treatment effect, the investment province, covers an area of less, convenient maintenance, according to the introduction of the buried sewage treatment equipment adopt push AO treatment process, biological contact oxidation pool its treatment effect is better than that of completely mixed or secondary and tertiary series hybrid biological contact oxidation pool, therefore, completely sewage by the YTH - After series of DMS buried sewage treatment equipment produced by the sludge quantity is less, only 90 days or so commonly row mud at a time
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