Buried sewage treatment equipment buried sewage treatment equipment installation steps the crushing grille decontamination machine

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-12
Many netizens in consulting about buried sewage treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces buried sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up enterprise making pickles sewage, generally can be divided into two parts: one is saline water, this part of the waste water of intermittent emissions, although emissions is not big, but salt content as high as 15 High of 20%, the COD and ammonia nitrogen wastewater main buried sewage treatment equipment of pollutants is extract in the process of pickled vegetables, including the composition such as polysaccharide, water-soluble protein, organic acid, complex wastewater components, high salt, high organic matter and ammonia nitrogen characteristics according to the physical and chemical characteristics of salty vegetables pickled wastewater, as well as the principle of wastewater reuse, if use first sand filter, precision filter technology to remove large particles and colloidal organic pollutants in the wastewater, and then use special salt tolerance in special resin adsorption off wastewater pigment small molecules, the flavor substances such as water soluble organic pollutants, so the water with only a trace water soluble salt, sugar, and whose water ammonia nitrogen non-toxic harmless material such as clarification of industrial wastewater treatment equipment clear transparent, colorless, tasteless, the water content of salt in the 5 - 10%, no emissions, can be directly returned dishes salted pickled pool, recycled, without any adverse effect of salty vegetables pickled product quality to adopt new technology, closed-circuit recycling waste water after treatment, the basic zero emissions, do not set drainage outlet, do not need to online monitoring, reduce pressure on the government's environmental supervision, saving the cost of the government's administrative law enforcement, buried sewage treatment equipment a smash grille decontamination machine installation steps require the original title: buried sewage treatment equipment crushing grille decontamination machine installation steps and requirements of crushing grille decontamination machine, decontamination machine is a kind of buried sewage treatment have buried sewage treatment equipment, sewage can be crushed into solid matter in the tiny particles of a new grille, sewage grid residue in the shattered after don't need to salvage, protect the subsequent pump at the same time, because unlike other clean-up machine above ground installation, the installation requirements have different 1, according to the buried sewage treatment equipment installation drawing and foundation drawing, based the installation plan size shall prevail, ready to make concrete floor, based on average 5 t/m2, the infrastructure must level, and should be based on the concrete pouring maintenance period can only be carried out after the installation, such as equipment installation under the floor, foundation from the ground level ground is relative elevation according to the size of figure, at the same time around the mining width and length must be more than 500 mm from the base line, so that pipeline 4, buried sewage treatment equipment after the installation equipment connected to the basic floor must be fixed, the absolute flow buoyancy, don't make the equipment at the same time must be injected sewage into the device ( Without other water or sewage, use the hospital sewage water treatment equipment price instead of) , full of degree must achieve 70% above, in case of equipment on guizhou sewage treatment equipment 8, note that this equipment installation drawing and pipe connection diagram according to the standard connection and layout, such as user requirements can be arbitrary arrangement, but it must be in order when the contract is put forward
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