Buried sewage treatment equipment characteristics of the equipment operation, buried sewage treatment

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-12
Many netizens in consulting about buried sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet found three articles about introduction of buried sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment specially built for sewage treatment, according to the characteristics of the sewage concrete, this technology USES the compound of A/O biological contact oxidation process, the process operation, management, operation is convenient, the daily cost is low, the water stability so the pre denitrification A/O biological contact oxidation process, the operation is simple, low running cost, treatment effect is good, buried sewage treatment equipment running stability after prison life sewage were collected by drainage system, well into the sewage treatment station of the grille, remove debris and particles from clutter, enter to sink and adjusting pool, for larger particles sedimentation and sewage, the average signal transmitted by the liquid level control instrument, again by the lift pump to A level of oxygen biological ponds, mixed with reflux mixture in hypoxia state denitrification are organic matter as A carbon source for denitrification in wastewater, removal of nitrate nitrogen at the same time reduce the concentration of organic matter, then level inflow O biological contact oxidation pool for aerobic biochemical reaction, in the vast majority of organic pollutants degradation by microbial synthesis of assimilation and dissimilation decompose to, artesian water pond, and after solid-liquid separation, sedimentation tank on the clear liquid into the disinfection pond, by adding the chlorine tablets dissolve contact disinfection, killing harmful bacteria after water standard 1 unavoidably. Adopting mature A/O biological treatment process, has the good remove the organic matter and better function of nitrogen in the wastewater, to satisfy the requirement of discharge standard 3. Process using pre denitrification, the denitrification process of organic matter in wastewater as carbon source for reaction, greatly reduce the organic matter, reduce after biochemical treatment organic matter concentration, choose glass fiber reinforced plastic material buried sewage treatment equipment of traditional buried sewage treatment equipment often use carbon steel shell, is not easy to transport and install, now more and more devices began to use the new material such as glass fiber reinforced plastic henan buried sewage treatment equipment buried sewage treatment equipment shell usually comprehensive consider when select material material strength, elongation, elastic modulus and stress - Strain curve basic mechanical parameters, such as a large number of tests show that glass fiber reinforced plastic tensile breaking stress is close to Q235 steel, strain is greater than the Q235 steel, so in terms of tensile strength of the same size of glass fiber reinforced plastic is more strong than Q235 steel buried sewage treatment equipment, but at the same time with the larger deformation, but the glass fiber reinforced plastic lighter prices lower, so buried sewage treatment equipment manufacturers choose better tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced plastic (instead of Q235 steel Carbon steel) 因此玻璃钢地埋式污水处理设备的壳体寿命远大于碳钢设备以上就是玻璃钢与碳钢材料特性的对比,所以玻璃钢材质的地埋式污水处理设备比碳钢材质的好,受众面也更为广泛二、埋式生活污水处理设备安装流程注意事项原标题:地埋式生活污水处理设备安装流程及注意事项地埋式 生活污水处理设备是一种高效的污水生物处理设备,是一种以生物膜为净化主题的污水生物处理地埋式化污水处理设备系统,充分发挥了厌氧生物滤池、接触氧化池等生物膜反应器具有的生物密度大、耐污能力强、动力消耗低、操作运行稳定、维护方便的特点作为环保事业的权鼎来说,在水处理领域有着十几年的水处理经验,在生活污水处理这块也有自己独特的见解,接下来权鼎小编就为大家介绍地埋式生活污水处理设备安装流程及注意事项管道安装连接应该在地埋式生活污水处理设备就位时考虑好,设备就位时必须按说明书设备自重,配合吊车吨位大小,安装顺序按现场对照图就位,筒体的位置,方向不能放错,互相间距必须正确以上就是地埋式生活污水处理设备安装流程及注意事项的简要概述,如果您想了解更加详细的污水处理方案和流程、一体化污水处理设备价格、性能、设计方案等方水泥污水处理一体化设备报价面的任何问题,欢迎和我们联系三、埋式生活污水处理设备特点操作流程详解原标题:地埋式生活污水处理设备特点及操作流程详解地埋式生活污水处理设备采用国际先进的生物处理方法,具有技术性能稳定可靠,处理效果好,投资省,占地少,维护方便等优点埋式生活污水处理设备是通过生物膜对污水进行处理和净化,充分发挥了厌氧生物滤池、接触氧化床的作用,地埋式生活污水处理设备操作简单、耐污染能力强、操作运行稳定,具有非常广泛的应用前景和推广价值地埋式生活污水处理设备的地埋式化污水处理设备操作流程安装调试人员首先要打开进油脂污水处理设备水阀门、出水阀门,启动设备进水提升水泵,将调节池的污水输送到地生活污水处理设备中开始
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