Buried sewage treatment equipment installation buried type integrated wastewater treatment equipment technical explanation

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-04
Many netizens in consulting questions about buried sewage treatment equipment installation site small make up today on the Internet to find the five article about introduce buried sewage treatment equipment installation related information, please follow look small make up the original title: how buried buried sewage treatment equipment installation wastewater treatment equipment anticorrosion buried sewage treatment equipment is often used in various sewage treatment projects, due to the design of a long project, equipment anticorrosion asked, much attention has been paid to this problem is also a problem in the sewage treatment equipment manufacturer, if the rust prevention measures were in place, the equipment is easy to damage in advance, giving users bring great trouble so buried sewage treatment equipment do anti-rust buried sewage treatment equipment anticorrosion work mainly have two aspects, respectively is equipment shell and internal pipe that is buried sewage treatment equipment common anticorrosive measures, hope to help you, choose glass fiber reinforced plastic material buried sewage treatment equipment of traditional buried sewage treatment equipment often use carbon steel shell body buried sewage treatment equipment installation, not easy to transport and install, now more and more devices begin to use the new material such as glass fiber reinforced plastic buried sewage treatment equipment shell usually comprehensive consider when select material material strength, elongation, elastic modulus and stress - Strain curve basic mechanical parameters, such as a large number of tests show that glass fiber reinforced plastic tensile breaking stress is close to Q235 steel, strain is greater than the Q235 steel, so in terms of tensile strength of the same size of glass fiber reinforced plastic is more strong than steel Q235, but at the same time with the larger deformation, but the glass fiber reinforced plastic lighter prices lower, the wuxi integrated wastewater treatment equipment in buried sewage treatment equipment manufacturers choose better tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced plastic (instead of Q235 steel Carbon steel) So FRP buried sewage treatment equipment of life than carbon steel equipment that is glass fiber reinforced plastic shell with carbon steel material properties contrast, so buried sewage treatment equipment of glass fiber reinforced plastic material is better than carbon steel material, the feeling is more extensive integration of two, buried sewage treatment equipment technical explanation buried sewage treatment equipment is a kind of modular design of highly efficient wastewater microbial solve machine equipment, is a kind of organism as waste water cleaning agents microorganisms to solve the system software, fully using the anaerobic fermentation organisms such as biological filter, touch air oxidation bed tubular reactor with relative density of microbes, anti-pollution, smooth driving force, low cost, practical operation, maintenance and convenient features, prompted the use of the system software has a wide market prospects and marketing is key to promote the use value of the design of machinery and equipment for urban sewage and the industrial production of organic chemical wastewater treatment, the key solution is to choose more mature biological chemical solutions technical - — Microbial touch buried sewage treatment equipment installed air oxidation, water main parameters according to the urban sewage water usually design calculation, according to the average BOD5 200 mg / 1, the water yield BOD5 according to 20 mg / 1 design concept, technical route 1 - — 是现阶段集中化运输废水的关键方法之首,就是说在农村建设污水处理站废水处理集成化城市污水处理主管机器设备具有物理学过虑、降解及其绿色植物截流等加工工艺,合理除去有机化学物质一起,能够根据水生花卉与微生物菌种的协做以超过除去N和P的目地现阶段,在中国各种各样集中化MBR污水处理方法常有较多的工程项目案例,除开农田处理过程外,已景区污水处理设备积淀了很多的基本建设和管理心得三、埋式一体化污水处理设备优点地埋式一体化污水处理设备是一种新型的水处理产品,因为其特有的特点,现在也被越来越多的人使用,埋式一体化污水处理设备有以下优点:德诺尔地埋式生活污水处理设备中的曝气器的作用是污小型一体化污水处理设备水处理设备的二沉池的溶解氧,转移到混合液中被微生物利用,曝气设备的材质分为高端pv碳钢和不锈钢,型号根地埋式污水处理设备安装据污水设备的大小,cod的多少来决定使用,可一个使用或者多个串联使用,根据污水流量和水泵扬程,活性污泥的曝气种类分为鼓风式曝气设备,机械曝气,鼓风与曝气相结合的方法共3种方式,机械曝气和鼓风曝气使用的频率高根据方式,地埋式污水处理设备的曝气设备分为机械曝气设备,鼓风曝气设备综合曝气设备等,曝气设备的别名又叫曝气头,曝气管,曝气轮,曝气器等,是地埋式生活污水处理设备的必备附件,机械曝气的动力消耗量低
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