Buried sewage treatment equipment integration of buried sewage treatment equipment selection are commonly used material is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-05
很多网友在咨询关于地埋式污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了三篇关于介绍地埋式污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧原标题:博宇 地埋式污水处理设备创新技术稳步向前诸城博宇环保设备有限公司生产的污水处理设备在稳步发展中持续创新,公司是一家专业从事研发、设计、生产、安装、调试污水处理设备的厂家,公司引进国外先进的环保设备技术,专注于环保类设备的研发,现已专业生产污水处理环保设备二百多个规格的产品主营:一体化污水处理设备、生活污水处理设备、地埋式污水处理设备、地埋式一体化污水处理设备、医院地埋式污水处理设备污水处理设备、行车式刮泥机、屠宰、养殖、制药、造纸、印染、塑料颗粒、电镀、食品、含油污水等行业污水处理设备,各种污泥处理设备带式压滤机、固液分离机、微滤机、真空过滤机等博宇环保地埋式污水处理设备具有以下特点:经过一段时间的市场探索和推广,博宇环保研发的地埋式污水处理设备,在市场上已经美誉频频一、博宇 埋式污水处理设备创新技术稳步向前地埋式一体化污水处理设备专为生活污水处理而建,针地埋式污水处理设备对生活污水具体的特点,本工艺采用 “A/O复合生物接触氧化”处理工艺,该处理工艺操作、管理、运行方便,日常费用低廉,出水稳定因此采用前置脱氮A/O生物接触氧化工艺,该工艺操作简单,运转费用低,处理效果好,运行稳定监狱生活污水分别由排水系统收集后,进入污水处理站的格栅井,去除漂浮物及颗粒杂物后,进入予沉及调节池,进行污水大颗粒沉降及污水均质均量,再经液位控制仪传递信号,由提升泵送至A级缺氧生物处理池与回流混合液混合在缺氧状态反硝化均污水处理厂设备维护以污水有机物为碳源进行反硝化,去除硝态氮同时降低有机物浓度,然后入流O级生物接触氧化池进行好氧生化反应,在此绝大部分有机污染物通过微生物的同化合成与异化分解得以降解,出水自流至二沉池进行固液分离后,沉淀池上清液流入消毒池,经投加氯片接触溶解消毒,杀灭水中有害菌种后达标外排1. Adopting mature A/O biological treatment process, has the good remove the organic matter and better function of nitrogen in the wastewater, to satisfy the requirement of discharge standard 3. Process adopts pre denitrification, the denitrification process of organic matter in wastewater as carbon source for reaction, greatly reduce the organic matter, reduce after biochemical treatment concentration of the organic integration of two, buried sewage treatment equipment selection materials commonly used to introduce how to choose the buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment, material is the key, the problem is that many people more attention, for LanYi environmental protection solution for everybody below the buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment material basically has 3 kinds: stainless steel, carbon steel material, FRP, integrated wastewater treatment equipment material selection should pay attention to the following problems of carbon steel material buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment: processing is simple, cycle short low price, easy to smelting, the intensity is high, can satisfy all sorts of use the site, but the corrosion resistance of carbon steel material is poor, you need to do to heavy-duty buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment using glass fiber reinforced plastic material has the following advantages: glass fiber reinforced plastic is good corrosion material, the atmosphere, water, and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, and a variety of oils and solvents have a better ability to resist how buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment selection and the advantages and disadvantages of sewage treatment equipment material is introduced here, need to purchase a integrated wastewater treatment equipment can consult LanYi environmental protection company, fujian LanYi environmental protection professional research and development, production, sales, domestic sewage and industrial waste water purification, and wastewater treatment equipment buried sewage treatment equipment maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment custom
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