Buried sewage treatment equipment QYHJGC11 complete multi-function wastewater treatment experiment device sewage comprehensive experimental devices

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-09
Many netizens in consulting questions about buried sewage treatment plant site small make up today on the Internet to find an article about introduce buried sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up of high concentration organic wastewater treatment methods are divided into biological treatment, physical treatment, chemical treatment technology, and physical and chemical treatment sand washing plant wastewater treatment equipment technical four among them is the use of biological treatment technology of microbial degradation of pollutants in waste water as their own nutrition and energy. Make wastewater purified method at the same time, because of its accord with sustainable development thought. In high concentration organic wastewater treatment in recent years has the extremely important status in its simple equipment, low operation cost, mature technology, mainly used to remove the big particle pollutants dissolved in water, of choice for primary treatment technology for wastewater biological wastewater treatment is the use of the nature of the original form, the use of microbial metabolism to achieve the goal of water purification biological method is mainly used for the advanced treatment of secondary processing or sewage, is currently the fouling buried sewage treatment equipment the main form of A water treatment, QYHJGC11 complete multi-function processing experiment equipment comprehensive sewage treatment experiment devices are combined equipment can run continuously, flexible technology, hydraulic retention time can be controlled by oneself, can run continuously, the A/O, A2 / O O, A/B, UCT, Phoredox, continuous, the common activated sludge process, SBR method, membrane bioreactor MBR process of municipal sewage, dosing coagulation precipitation experiments such as the advanced sewage treatment equipment factory set of buried sewage treatment plant experiment device can make string between the pool and combined operation, with separate control of the program, the infinite speed adjustment speed ChanChi laboratory equipment, such as running alone can perform dynamic coefficient of determination, aeration activated sludge process with oxygen determination of ability, the industrial wastewater biochemical can be, membrane biological breeding wastewater treatment equipment price reactor, coagulation dosing, ChanChi timing batch experiments, intermittent SBR, A/O and A2 / O, AB, etc and all kinds of demonstration experiment processing activated sludge method ( Such as the vertical sedimentation tanks, inclined plate sedimentation tank, flocculation pool, flocculation reaction inclined plate sedimentation tank, etc. ) A variety of experimental 10, 20 medium-sized biochemical pool ( Effective volume of 30 l, 25 l to 20 l, according to the test to the selected 12, medium-sized biochemical pool ( Effective volume of 30 l, 25 l to 20 l, according to the test to the selected biochemical pool (13, small Effective volume for 21 l, 17. 14 l, 5 l and can be choose according to the test condition
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