Buried sewage treatment plant SBR method of intermittent equipment QYHJGC11 complete mobile phone search multifunctional sewage treatment laboratory equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-09
Many netizens in consulting questions about buried sewage treatment plant site small make up on the Internet today found three articles about introduce buried sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up of high concentration organic wastewater treatment methods are divided into biological treatment, physical treatment, chemical treatment technology and the physical and chemical treatment technology of four kinds of biological treatment technology is the use of microbial degradation of pollutants in waste water as their own nutrition and energy. Make wastewater purified method at the same time, because of its accord with sustainable development thought. In high concentration organic wastewater treatment in recent years has extremely buried sewage processing complete sets of equipment the important position of its simple equipment, low operating cost, the craft is mature, it is mainly used for removal of large, difficult to dissolve in water particle pollution of choice for primary treatment technology for wastewater biological wastewater treatment is the use of the nature of the original form, the use of microbial metabolism to achieve the goal of water purification biological method is mainly used for the advanced treatment of secondary processing or sewage, is currently the main form of sewage treatment, SBR method of intermittent equipment QYHJGC11 complete multi-function sewage treatment experiment device phone sohu network is the most important characteristics of this technology in organic pollutants biodegradation and mixture precipitation, compared with activated sludge method connection type, composition is simple, no need to set up the sludge reflux device, do not set the secondary sedimentation tank, in general, do not produce phenomenon of sludge bulking, within a single aeration tank to denitrification and dephosphorization reaction, easy to automatic control, 2 processing water quality good, this process is the most important characteristics of integrating organic pollutants biodegradation and mixture precipitation, compared with activated sludge method connection type, composition is simple, no need to set up the sludge reflux device, do not set the secondary sedimentation tank, the general dyeing wastewater treatment equipment, do not produce sludge bulking phenomenon, in the single aeration tank buried sewage processing complete sets of equipment capable of denitrification and phosphorus removal in response, easy to automatic control, processing water quality good 2, open the valve in closed water pump, air pump to start aeration ( According to different purposes, can also set a computer program in water but also for aeration and other operation) , the aeration time according to the needs on the program controller set idle time control ( Active mixing time control) Idle period: in SBR, open blender mixing and activation of activated sludge, general 6 in 20 ~ 60 minutes, when you set the decantation water time, directly from the valve outlet water sampling, test the related project determination, get the results of the experiment 2, QYHJGC11 complete multi-function processing experiment equipment comprehensive sewage treatment experiment devices are combined equipment can run continuously, flexible technology, hydraulic retention time can be controlled by oneself, can run continuously, the A/O, A2 / O O, A/B, UCT, Phoredox, continuous, the common activated sludge process, SBR method, membrane bioreactor MBR process of municipal sewage experiment, dosing coagulation precipitation, etc of A complete set of experimental apparatus can make string between the pool and combined operation, with separate control of the program, the infinite speed adjustment speed ChanChi laboratory equipment, such as running alone can perform dynamic coefficient of determination, aeration activated sludge process with oxygen capacity determination, industrial wastewater can be biochemical determination, membrane bioreactor, coagulation dosing, experiment ChanChi timing batch experiments, intermittent SBR, A/O and A2 / O, AB, etc and all kinds of demonstration experiment processing activated sludge method ( Precipitation environmental protection equipment such as vertical sedimentation treatment tank, inclined plate sedimentation tank, flocculation pool, flocculation reaction inclined plate sedimentation tank, etc. ) A variety of experimental 10, 20 medium-sized biochemical pool ( Effective volume of 30 l, 25 l to 20 l, according to the test to the selected 12, medium-sized biochemical pool ( Effective volume of 30 l, 20 l, 25 l and buried sewage processing complete sets of equipment according to the test case can choose 13, small biochemical pool ( Effective volume for 21 l, 17. 14 l, 5 l and according to the test can choose three, hefei hon litres of electrical automation equipment simple introduction sohu sohu news view about the PLC control cabinet is the collection of PLC, industrial tablet in the integration of automation control equipment and electrical control circuit inverter control cabinet is the use of power semiconductor devices the on-off function of the power frequency power conversion to another frequency power control device, can realize the ac asynchronous motor soft start and frequency control of motor speed, improve the operation accuracy, change the power factor, over current/over voltage/overload protection functions such as servo control cabinet servo motor can make the control speed, position accuracy is very accurate, can convert voltage signal into torque and rotational speed to drive the control object servo motor rotor speed controlled by the input signal, and can rapid response, in the automatic control system, is used as actuators, and has a small electromechanical time constant, high linearity, initiating character such as voltage, can convert the received electrical signal to the motor shaft of the angular displacement or angular velocity output sewage treatment control system buried sewage treatment plant fat hon litres of automation team to provide clients with long-term based on PLC ( Industrial programmable controller) And the safety of the industrial control instrument, economic and reliable automation solutions, can provide PLC, touch screen, such as the configuration software programming and control equipment of power distribution cabinet design and production services such as cosmetics sewage treatment equipment
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