Cavitation Air Flotation Machine(CAF) is an advanced wastewater treatment equipment, mainly used to remove suspended solids, colloids, and grease to achieve solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation for industrial wastewater.

By dosing suitable flocculant and coagulant into wastewater, grease removal rate can be more than 95%, suspended solids removal rate can reach more than 90%, and around 60% of COD and BOD can be removed at the same time.  

CAF Cavitation Air Flotation Machine is greatly different from DAF Dissolved Air Flotation Machine in its air dissolving method: One or several sets of CAF aerator (microbubble generator) is installed in the aeration chamber of CAF machine. With the high-speed rotation of the impeller of CAF aerator underwater, a vacuum zone is formed there and absorbs the air above the water surface into the water and generates millions of microbubbles.

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