Coal mine wastewater treatment equipment of coal mine wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-24
Many netizens in consulting questions about coal mine wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about the related information of coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, please follow small make up and see it how to deal with coal mine wastewater, coal mine waste water treatment equipment, what are the coal mine wastewater treatment technology, weifang sailing environmental protection technology co. , LTD. To provide you with coal mine waste water processing one-stop service under the effect of aeration stirring, after reaction with fully mixing wastewater into the advection sedimentation tank for mud separation precipitation sludge, sewage into regulating pool, the average sewage pump is used after ascending to the integration of iron manganese water purifiers processing, coal mine wastewater in zhengzhou wastewater treatment equipment manage sewage treatment equipment of coal mine water can reach the unclean water discharge standards or recycling multi-functional water treatment facilities, new technology, after new technology treatment, make the blackwater whitewater, by a qualified environmental monitoring departments detection, the main pollutants in the coal mine waste water meet and less than the national 'integrated wastewater discharge standard ( GB8978- 1996). The level of standards in table 4 coal mine wastewater reuse project, adopt new technology of multifunctional water treatment facilities and water treatment agent, in the general case, the water quality, reuse the mine wastewater treatment - 500 1000 m3, the project investment is only 15 About 200000 yuan ( Special water quality shall be separately design) This new technology, it is the present domestic recycling coal mine wastewater treatment at least investment, good treatment effect, low operation cost, cover an area of an area small, convenient operation and management, a new practical technology is the most ideal one coal mining waste water is complicated, sewage treatment equipment of coal mine, in the same coal mine wastewater, at the same time contain heavy metals such as iron, manganese, sulfur and fluorine, chlorine and other non-metal and organic pollutants and suspended solids coal mine wastewater usually introduces the sewage treatment equipment to effectively solve this problem, the following to introduce the next: ( 1) The process set up independent regulation pool and sedimentation tank, instead of stone material is used to adjust for sewage treatment equipment pond ( 3) According to the characteristics of the part of the mine water containing more, we adopt the method of dissolved air flotation, effective guarantee system for oil removal effect ( 6) Sewage treatment equipment supplier in the design of fully considering adopt automatic control, dosing equipment of dosing pump can adjust the metering pump, sewage treatment equipment of coal mine adjusted according to the flow of water meter display, fast filter adopts automatic control
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