Coal mine wastewater treatment equipment of coal mine wastewater treatment wastewater treatment process of coal mining enterprises

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-23
Many Internet users in the advice on the problem of coal mine wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find three articles about the related information of coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, please follow look small make up according to the characteristics of the large water treatment of the coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, to solve the problems of coal mine wastewater treatment and to promote the development of coal mine and eventually promote the development of our social economy more rapidly in general, different coal on the coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, water demand differences, should be dealt with according to the requirement of China's environmental protection department, to ensure that the effluent water quality coal mine wastewater treatment plant design in the 80 s by using activated sludge treatment process is more, due to the low organic matter content in the sewage, microbe in the process of operation can not get the minimum of nutrients, not form activated sludge, running up oxidation ditch wastewater treatment craft, also has the same problem, not backflow activated sludge circumfluence, the original oxidation ditch system into additional aeration banded advection sedimentation tank, can not meet the requirements of the processing target the sludge particles, because of its high density centrifugal force is big, therefore be left on the drum wall, form a solid layer ( Because the ring, known as the fixed ring layer) 一、煤矿工作面水处理设备乳化泵站水处理系统设备原标题:煤矿矿井废水处理,工业污水处理设备及技术介绍煤矿污水是比大型污水处理设备厂较难以处理的工业污水,需要多种工艺的组合才能达到出水达标的要求,那么煤矿工业污水处理设备包括哪一些具体设备呢煤矿在进行矿井废水实际处理时,要考虑综合因素,采取多种处理工艺、多方案、多角度进行合理设置90年代许多矿井采用二级生物接触氧化法处理煤矿生活污水,效果很好目前煤矿矿井污水处理设备部分煤矿工业场地和居住区各建一座污水处理厂,两处征地,重复建设,投资增加,运行能耗高,管理费用高,技术力量分散,吨水处理成本高二、煤矿矿井废水处理工业污水处理设备技术介绍目前处理乳化液废水主要采用化学混凝法、共凝聚气浮法、电凝聚法、高级氧化法、超滤法、生化组合工艺,其中共凝聚气浮法、电凝聚法是在化学混凝基础上发展起来的,高级氧化法、超滤法则分别使用水处理中的高级氧化技术与膜技术,生化组合工艺是在上述方法基础上结合生化处理发展起来的,现对它们在乳化液废水处理中的应用现状分别进行介绍吴克明等〔7〕采用水玻璃和硫酸制成聚硅硫酸铝复合型混凝剂,对浊度为 10 910 NTU 、油为3 446 mg/L、COD 为21 006 mg/L 的高浓度乳化液废水进行处理,相应去除率分别达 99. 9%, 99. 7%, 99. Coal mine wastewater treatment equipment lee was 5% (10) SYS demulsifier choose organic and polymeric aluminium chloride emulsion oil mass concentration of a certain steel company 6, 200 mg/L COD is 34, 000 mg/L of cold rolling emulsion waste water processing, the secondary demulsification after oil removal rate of 99. 58%, COD removal rate was 97. 79%, obtain ideal effect Cao Fu etc. [15] using polyaluminium chloride iron ( PAFC) On emulsion wastewater were condensed gas float processing, when the PAFC is 1 g/L, turbidity removal rate of more than 98% Xu Zhi [12] are condensed gas such as floating demulsification adsorption emulsion wastewater treatment, on the basis of the dosing PAC, PAM, will have certain adsorption capacity of sewage treatment plant sludge added to the emulsion waste water, found that the sludge dosing quantity is 15 g/L, the COD has the best treatment effect, COD wastewater treated by the former 5 ~ 20 000 800 mg/L fell to process after the 75 g/L m integrated rural sewage treatment equipment, treatment effect to three national integrated wastewater discharge standard, coal mine wastewater treatment equipment in coal mines of wastewater treatment process of coal mining enterprises how to deal with waste water of coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, what are the coal mine wastewater treatment technology, weifang sailing environmental protection technology co. , LTD. To provide you with coal mine waste water processing one-stop service under the effect of aeration stirring, after reaction with fully mixing wastewater into the advection sedimentation tank for mud separation precipitation sludge, sewage into regulating pool, the average sewage pump is used after ascending to the integration of iron manganese water purifiers processing, coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, water can reach discharge standard or recycling multi-functional water treatment facilities, new technology, after new technology treatment, make the blackwater whitewater, by a qualified environmental monitoring departments detection, the main pollutants in the coal mine waste water meet and less than the national 'integrated wastewater discharge standard ( GB8978- 1996). The level of standards in table 4 coal mine wastewater reuse project, adopt new technology of multifunctional water treatment facilities and water treatment agent, in the general case, the water quality, reuse the mine wastewater treatment - 500 1000 m3, the project investment is only 15 2 the rural sewage treatment equipment, 00000 yuan ( Special water quality shall be separately design) This new technology, it is the present domestic recycling coal mine wastewater treatment at least investment, good treatment effect, low running cost, cover an area of an area small, fuck coal mine wastewater treatment device for convenient management, is an ideal new type of practical technology
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