Community sewage treatment equipment of township hospital wastewater comprehensive hospital wastewater one-piece sewage treatment equipment scheme is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-05
Many netizens in consulting questions about community sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second article about introduce community sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up integration of MBR wastewater treatment equipment community sewage treatment equipment, villages and towns hospital wastewater comprehensive hospital wastewater one-piece sewage treatment equipment scheme introduces the original title: the integration of new materials - community sewage treatment equipment Corrugated board structure integration of new materials - community sewage treatment equipment Corrugated board structure, the sea and all staffs of community environmental protection sewage treatment equipment for environmental protection as own duty, take the market as the guidance, by the high quality service for the principle, strict management, advanced production technology, supreme quality, perfect pre-market after-sales service, with the general new old customers hand in hand advance together, altogether will create the 'cloud water, cool air month' green future weifang sea and environmental protection in the aspect of sewage treatment equipment that intensity, exterior, I independent design, research and development of the high thickness of corrugated board production equipment, production 1 mm 8 mm thickness of high-strength corrugated steel plate, used to improve product appearance and compressive strength, torsional strength corrugated board also called contour plate, the company production of high-strength corrugated board production equipment using hot rolled steel plate, stainless steel plate cold bending of metal sheet through roller pressure into unique wave type pressure plate, it has features of light weight, high strength, good application to the integrated wastewater treatment equipment LuRui wastewater treatment equipment in the production, solve the ordinary carbon steel easy to distort, the some problems needed to be a massive increase in supporting framework, the integration of community life wastewater treatment equipment new materials production of corrugated board structure in the general case, hospital sewage slime separation requirements is not high, only a larger changes of the water, the conventional pretreatment process can be used 1) , when a relatively stable and sewage water of organic and inorganic sand separation of suspended solid have higher requirements, the process can be used 2) , when the concentration of suspended solids in sewage is lower, or suspended solids are posture is not easy to remove printing wastewater treatment equipment, the process can be used 3) , disinfectant in the subsequent processing can make efficient use of the hospital sewage pollutant concentration is generally lower than that of domestic sewage, are often higher than the secondary emission standards, such as using the secondary biological treatment, the investment cost is higher, so some level enhanced ~ pretreatment process or is called the level 1 and a half pretreatment process can also be in hospital sewage treatment in accordance with the requirements of processing appropriate choose hospital sewage secondary treatment is mainly refers to the biological treatment, its purpose is to remove dissolved and posture of organic pollutants in wastewater hospital sewage water volume small, the change of water quality, suspended solid and fine community sewage treatment equipment concentration is high, the subsequent must be strengthen the disinfection treatment technology and other characteristics, determines the hospital sewage secondary treatment process should meet the high load, ability to withstand water change, simple operation, stable running, such as requirements, general small sewage treatment technology can be used for hospital sewage secondary processing _4J, now better hospital sewage treatment methods have a hydrolysis contact oxidation process, CASS process, such as the l hospital comprehensive wastewater disinfection treatment is the final step of the sewage treatment system, also is the key to hospital sewage treatment, its purpose is to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the water and fecal coliform
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