Wastewater from different factories vary greatly. To some factories even though in a same industry, because of the different processing technology and equipment they used, the wastewater quantity and quality from the factories also are different. 


To some clients with big land and cheap labor cost, a project design with big size but with low operation cost(chemicals cost, electricity, etc.) will be more suitable. 

While to some clients with limited land and high labor cost, a more compact and automatic project design will be more welcomed.


Thus a customized wastewater treatment solution is required.

We will talk with you to get the necessary data for project design, considering your local electricity, available land area for installation, and your requirements and concerns.


A suitable & customized project design will properly purify the wastewater to expected requirements and save your daily operation cost. 


Step1: Project Data Collection

After we receiving inquiries from clients, firstly we should talk with clients to get the necessary project data for designing.

The commonly required project data are:

** Water Source
i.e. Where or which industry does the wastewater comes from?


** Water Quality
Please send us one copy of the Wastewater Quality Analysis Report, so that we can better understand your wastewater and use the data for calculation.


** Emission Standards
Every country or even every city has its own Emission Standards. Before water discharging , the wastewater should be properly purified to conform to the Emission Standards. 


Please send us your requirements on the Treated Outlet Water Quality or your local government's Emission Standards.

Step2: Preliminary Design

After getting enough project data, engineers will start to analyze and calculate.


By considering client's requirements and concerns, a Preliminary Design will be ready.

Step3: Final Design

During project design, we may find some potential problems which are not realized by clients.


Then we will tell them to clients, listen client's comments and modify the Preliminary Design.


After several discussion and modification, a Final Design will be provided to clients.

Step4: Payment

Client accept Final Design and arrange payment.


Contract Value <USD10,000: 100% in advance by T/T.


Contract Value >USD10,000: 30% in advance by T/T, the balanced 70% to be paid before delivery by T/T.

Step5: Manufacturing and Shipping

After receiving prepayment, we factory start manufacturing, and preparing necessary drawing, Operation Manual, Maintenance Manual and Installation & Commissioning Manual.


After balanced payment receiving, we talk with clients for shipping. In shipping terms FOB, client arrange shipping. In shipping terms CIF or CFR, we factory arrange shipping.

Step6: Installation and Commissioning

When equipment arriving client's site, installation and commissioning will start.


Way 1:

We provide online technical supports, clients do installation and commissioning by themselves by following our Installation and Commissioning Manual.


Way 2:

We send 2 engineers to clients site for onsite technical supports. Client pay salary USD150 per day per engineer; Air tickets, local accommodation, meals and transportation should be paid by clients. And clients provides 3-5 workers.

Step7: Acceptance Check

After finishing commissioning, client come for Acceptance Check. Then our engineers will leave and come back to China. Client's staff training can be done during equipment installation and commissioning.

Step8: Lifelong Time Technical Supports

We provide lifelong time technical supports to clients.


If any questions or need any supports on the wastewater treatment equipment or project, we will provide quick feedback and supports.


Textile Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bangladesh
Treatment Capacity: 150m³ Per Hour

Textile dyeing wastewater is complex in its constitution, main pollutions in water are fibers, oiling agent, dyes, etc.


The wastewater has the below characteristics:
1. Large water quantity/flow rate.
2. Deep/dark color
3. Alkaline in pH
4. Big water quality and quantity changes

Due to the different dyes and chemical additives used in textile processing, the pH value, CODCr, and BOD5, etc. vary greatly in different textile processing waste water. 


Client's dyeing wastewater quality is:
COD: 1750 mg/l
BOD: 600 mg/l
TSS: 300 mg/l

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