Do the sewage treatment equipment manufacturer of washing factory sewage treatment linen washing wastewater treatment equipment technology

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-17
Many netizens in consulting about doing the sewage treatment equipment manufacturer issue today, this small make up found three articles about on the Internet about sewage treatment equipment manufacturers of related information, please follow look small make up grass cloth washing wastewater treatment equipment commonly used process: air flotation - Biological aerated filter process by adding coagulant to the waste water of demulsification and coagulation air floatation, reduce the detergent in the water, suspended solids, colloid pollutants such as content, and then through the aeration biological filter processing to set gas pool water is greater than zero. 5, to more than 80% removal rate of BOD5, demulsification and coagulation air floatation process for wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers, COD removal rate reached more than 55% above, aeration biological filter COD removal rate reached 78. 8%, nitrification efficiency is high, the water quality meet the water quality standard of life of mixed water 3, coagulation precipitation - Hydrolysis acidification - Contact oxidation process, the process by hydrolytic acidification biological contact oxidation sludge produced by nitration, COD removal rate reached 86%, chroma removal rate reached 90%, a 92% removal rate of BOD5, sewage treatment equipment life how long the original title: how long is the sewage treatment equipment in the current sewage treatment equipment on the market, we are familiar with the sewage treatment equipment, but a lot of buyers are using its life span, but there is a problem many do sewage treatment equipment manufacturer people ask sewage treatment equipment for how much longer, the durability of equipment and other related problems in practice, however, the service life of equipment depends on the relationship between different materials and daily maintenance, so in the process of sewage treatment equipment in everyday use, should be regular maintenance, in order to avoid the small losses in lanzhou, the serious consequences caused by 1, the first integrated wastewater treatment equipment, first because of a lack of lubricant, must check each part of the equipment, and it should be noted that the new equipment will need to adjust period 2, food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment design at the same time, the sewage is mainly for the processing of the wastewater in the process of peanut, SS refers to the sewage treatment equipment model marked as 5000 mg/l content is relatively high, according to the water quality of the peanut processing such as standard need to be processed by my company independent research and development production of peanut food processing wastewater treatment equipment integration of peanut processing wastewater treatment peanut cleaning processing wastewater treatment equipment for peanut processing wastewater treatment equipment characteristics: 1, peanut processing wastewater treatment equipment technology mature, good stability, high removal efficiency of peanut processing sewage - Thick grille grille - — Aeration basin - — Integration of peanut processing wastewater treatment set as wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers for ( Hydrolysis acidification pool, contact oxidation pool, tank, etc. ) — — Three standard drainage, peanuts, cleaning processing wastewater treatment peanut products factory sewage treatment equipment is introduced, 5) Pathogenic bacteria such as poison for food manufacturer for sewage disposal, needs less investment, low operation cost, stable operation, good treatment effect, simple and convenient operation management process, when choosing technology must be combined with its own actual situation to consider 3, according to the characteristics of the wastewater treatment by water and process requirements, makes every effort to achieve the selected process for advanced treatment technology, covers an area of less, applicability, the purpose of saving investment and reduce the operation and management cost 4, according to the mature technology, reasonable economy, easy operation, maintenance simple principle, overall design and unit structure design, and pay attention to energy saving, makes every effort to reduce power consumption, to save energy and reduce the processing cost and operation cost 5, sedimentation tank, sewage after O level biochemical pool treatment, laboratory wastewater treatment equipment water containing large amounts of suspended solids ( Biological membrane loss) , in order to make the SS to achieve discharge standard, USES the vertical sedimentation basin for solid-liquid separation tank set 1, surface load for sewage treatment equipment manufacturers of 1. 0 m3 / m2 tank sludge CaiCai gas equipment to the sludge pool, at the same time according to actual quality condition will be partial to A level biochemical sludge pools to return sludge, O level biochemical sludge concentration in the pool, the removal efficiency
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