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by:Jinwantong     2021-03-16
Many netizens in consulting about doing the sewage treatment equipment manufacturer issue today, this small make up on the Internet to find the four article about about sewage treatment equipment manufacturers of relevant information, please follow look small make up at present our country attaches great importance to the enterprise sewage emissions problem, each enterprise use of sewage treatment equipment is imperative, not only solve the wastewater discharge and effective energy conservation, environmental protection, to implement a win-win move but everyone before buying will be consulting quantity problem, small make up for you today revealed how many tons of sewage wastewater treatment equipment can handle to know sewage treatment depends on the amount of the initial design sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment in the design of the regulation capacity is how many, then its sewage is do amount of sewage treatment equipment manufacturers manage how much if the user in the early use of sewage treatment equipment can achieve enterprise sewage treatment, in the later use, found sewage treatment reduce, then you will check whether equipment appear quality problem, or what parts need to replace a, washing wastewater treatment equipment integration of a commercial concrete sewage treatment equipment, washing the requirements of sewage discharge standard price, washing industry wastewater emissions which mainly includes the following two ways: one is a town in the washing plant wastewater discharge required to do to the urban sewage wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer factory that is into the ( Municipal pipe drains) , another kind is to achieve the suburbs or rural directly discharged into rivers, the earth and based on the characteristics of the wastewater with different, in the laundry wastewater contains a large amount of short fiber material, a large number of detergent foam CODCr value is higher, the turbidity wastewater, sewage containing phosphorus composition is higher, sometimes with deep color, clean water, wastewater including bubble, a small amount of suspended solids contained less and smaller values of the CODCr, looks waste water is transparent, small amount of dry waste water water quality slightly better than cleaning wastewater, air flotation process by cic to join to the wastewater coagulant, demulsification and coagulation air floatation, reduce the detergent in the water, suspended solids, colloid pollutants such as content, and then in the dissolved air water with tiny bubbles will flocculation body under the action of the process using scraper into a sludge pool by hydrolytic acidification biological contact oxidation produced by the sludge digestion and the nitrification process, high COD removal rate can reach 86%, at the same time, the removal rate of chroma reached 90%, BOD5 removal rate up to 92% of the company's services for chemical industry, printing and dyeing, steel, electronics, textile, washing, light industry, food, electroplating, papermaking, metallurgy, biological engineering, oil refining and other industries, to engage in the process water treatment project design, installation and debugging of water treatment equipment and operation management is given priority to, and to provide comprehensive environmental engineering ( Waste water, waste gas, noise) Management services company, canned fruit and vegetable processing wastewater treatment equipment in the production of canned produce a certain quantity of sewage and waste water, the water quality and water as raw materials, products and production process is different and there is a lot of sewage treatment equipment manufacturer differences in canned wastewater organic matter content is higher, easily biodegradable, so can a merger with the municipal sewage pipe network processing, 'integrated wastewater discharge standard' regulation, the discharged into urban sewage and into the secondary sewage treatment plant for biological treatment of wastewater execution level 3 standards, for urban sewage discharged into not set the secondary sewage treatment plant sewage must be based on the function of the sewage water receiving waters, respectively carry out the primary or secondary criteria such as canned wastewater biochemical performance is good, but can use anaerobic, aerobic biological treatment technologies usually used to deal with this kind of wastewater biological membrane method, have common biological filter and high load hospital sewage treatment equipment manufacturer biological filter strong seasonal vegetables, canned fruit processing and production, to adopt more stabilization pond process, general spring and autumn season for production and storage of waste water produced in stabilization pond, after purified water quality in winter, the second year and then discharged into water body (3) outpatient small sewage treatment equipment production company for sewage water volume is small, biochemical equipment choose buried integrated medical sewage treatment equipment sewage after grille to remove floating and large particles suspended impurities into the pool water dispatching, scheduling pool sewage by improving pump into the integrated wastewater treatment equipment, sewage in the equipment after hydrolysis acidification, biological touch oxidation, sedimentation and disinfection treatment process, qualified water back to the pet hospital sewage treatment equipment with 1 or qualified emissions. Cover an area of an area small, equipment selection of integration planning, to simplify the process to a pool, only for the traditional treatment method covers an area of about a quarter of the - 1 do sewage treatment equipment manufacturers / 5 outpatient sewage treatment equipment conditions of small hospital sewage treatment equipment working principle: four and high cost of sewage wastewater treatment equipment shall be the working efficiency of the investment money such as equipment, waste water features, water sewage is used collectively, different industry wastewater pollutants in composition is not the same, countries according to different properties of different wastewater discharge standard, to deal with to meet the requirements of the wastewater discharge standard before discharge, it is often said that the problem a: meet the requirement of discharging standard of our factory is the CASS process, aerated bubble when stained with mud death were black, dissolved oxygen increases rapidly, muddy water
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