Does Jinwantong develop global market?
Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has a serious sense of smell and understands what nations hold possible for daf system design , that rivals are in that market, and what the tendencies are for goods in that marketplace. The foreign contest has given us a competitive advantage over rivals in the home. Our firm has dedicated management staff in addition to production capacity and fiscal capacity to grow a worldwide marketplace and also to be an aggressive exporter.

Jinwantong is a pioneer among Chinese mbr wastewater manufacturers. Jinwantong's sand filter series contains multiple sub-products. Jinwantong cpi separator is manufactured using top-class materials and advanced tools and equipment. It is designed for the technical and financial optimization of each of the clients’ needs. They are artfully designed to combine both the structural and architectural elements of buildings, generating a movable wall that requires very little maintenance. The design is mainly based on wastewater source, wastewater quality, and local emission standards.

We aim to strengthen our R&D capability in the following years. We will invest in cultivating a stronger development team and other human capital, so as to lay a solid foundation for our technological development and product innovation.
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