Electroplating wastewater treatment equipment, sludge low-temperature drying equipment effectively solve the problem of sewage treatment plant sludge drying process

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-06
很多网友在咨询关于电镀污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了二篇关于介绍电镀污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧原标题:江苏电镀污水处理设备排放标准依斯倍环保电镀污水处理设备电镀废水处理设备广泛应用于电镀企业,镀件生产中安徽生活污水处理设备价格污水一般来自镀件酸洗、镀件镀膜、车间清洗、设备冷凝水等等几部分电镀废水处理常用中和沉淀法、中和混凝沉淀法、氧化法、还原法、钡盐法、铁氧体法等化学方法,不同的处理工艺优势也不一样依斯倍环保采用改良后的化学法处理电镀污水,设备简单,投资少,应用较广返回搜狐,查看更多一、江苏电镀污水处理设备排放标准原标题:江苏电镀污水处理设备排放标准依斯倍环保电镀废水处理设备广泛应用于电镀企业,镀件生产中污水一般来自镀件酸洗、镀件镀膜、车间清洗、设备冷凝水等电镀污水处理设备等几部分电镀废水处理常用中和沉淀法、中和混凝沉淀法、氧化法、还原法、钡盐法、铁氧体法等化学方法,不同的处理工艺优势也不一样依斯倍环保采用改良后的化学法酒店生活污水处理设备处理电镀污水,设备简单,投资少,应用较广返回搜狐,查看更多二、污泥低温干化设备有效解决污水处理厂污泥干化处理问题纳克斯达创新研发的污泥低温干化设备,可直接将污水或含水率83%污泥干化至含水率10%- 30% dry mud, reduction of up to 90%, effective sterilization is as high as 90%, low energy consumption, no pollution, can be widely used in industrial and municipal sludge sludge ( Printing and dyeing, paper making, electroplating, chemical industry, leather, pharmaceutical, etc. ) Drying, reducing 10% 30% moisture content of dried mud late for gasification, brick making, blending, or other building materials such as harmless recycling of papermaking wastewater treatment plant sludge treatment engineering: 2 sludge quantity is large, and it contains a lot of fiber, high water rate, generally reached 95% ~ 99%, even after dehydration 80% ~ 0% moisture content is still in the sewage treatment equipment species, 4. Electroplating wastewater treatment plant sludge treatment engineering: containing cyanide and hexavalent chromium, copper, zinc, cadmium, nickel and other metals, chemical method and treatment of electric plating wastewater treatment equipment, plating wastewater is the main source of the sludge, and low organic matter content in the electroplating sludge, small five calorific value. Petrochemical wastewater treatment plant sludge treatment engineering: composition is complicated, general oil containing different kinds of heavy metal sludge oil, high viscosity, moisture content, generally up to 96% ~ 99%, organic matter content is small, low calorific value, through the centrifugal fan will host condenser with over 78 degrees centigrade high temperature dry air through the assembly line at the bottom of the layers of mesh belt, in this process, the high temperature air drying sludge will network with and take away the water become waste heat temperature and humidity in the air, then the temperature and humidity of the waste heat to transfer back to the host for cooling dehumidifying and drainage
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