Food factory sewage treatment equipment fruit vinegar processed food wastewater treatment equipment usage

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-19
Many netizens in consulting questions about food factory sewage treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces food factory sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up fruit vinegar is a fruit, including tangli, hawthorn, mulberry, grape, persimmon, apricot, orange, kiwi fruit, apple, watermelon, etc. , or fruit processing as the main raw material, using the modern biotechnology brewing and become a kind of rich nutrition and good taste sour seasoning food factory sewage treatment equipment product oxygen pool water enters the aeration tank, filling the air with aeration equipment, oxygen in the air is dissolved into water make the activated sludge mixture produces aerobic metabolism of cities sewage treatment equipment 1, pre-sale service: our company is equipped with special engineer to solve the problem of answer the customer, the early stage of the communication will help you learn about the general situation of the some equipment, through the water provided by customers and emission standards, to provide customers: customers want to equipment quotation, process and covers an area of a one year warranty during the warranty period, customers in cannot handle in under the condition of his, my company will give emergency plan within 2 hours, 24 hours a day in the province ( 48 hours outside the province) Internal personnel arrived at the scene for the equipment maintenance, fruit vinegar processed food wastewater treatment equipment using method 1 water solution: A2 / O in denitrification and dephosphorization process has a very good effect, in the large sewage treatment plant in order to satisfied the requirement of water denitrification and phosphorus removal, general MBR biological reaction pool can choose two hospital sewage treatment facility water method, to set the water distribution channels in the biological pool, first set the water distribution in the channel, the raw water through two sets of adjusting according to must share weir door into the anaerobic zone and anoxic zone front the equipment without mechanical rotating food factory sewage treatment equipment, there is no mechanical wear, not afraid of water corrosion, function stable, safe and reliable, utilizing life in more than 25 years, is now paid the least, the lowest energy consumption, using the longest life expectancy, deal with the most convenient sewage treatment device, the device makes full use of biological function that can accommodate, macromolecular organic matter through biological agent combination, such as extracellular enzymes to organic matter in sewage into more completely decomposed into: H2, CO2 and H2S, TCH4 gases, such as, completely because of biochemical degradation completely, no sludge, the sludge equipment cost saving equipment will also be able to do their biochemical agent, cleaning agent, neutralizer, decoloring agent, precipitant sewage, is not subject to regional environmental constraints, using the sensitive, from 1 for purchasing. 3. 3, on the basis of planning that emissions standards and quality of inlet water demand, sewage treatment using advanced technology, good treatment effect, to deal with simple operation, stable running, covers an area of less, ink wastewater treatment equipment engineering investment and running cost low
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