Food factory wastewater treatment equipment food wastewater treatment equipment installation manual

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-18
Many netizens in consulting questions about food factory sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second article about introduction food factory sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up food factory sewage treatment equipment price of cement integration of sewage treatment equipment, food, sewage treatment equipment installation and debugging instruction 3, the need for cleaning with sewage, to dig open channel, also can be directly choose pipeline section * * * pool, in order to flush the water out of air flotation pool 2, dissolved air system works: closed all the control valve, screw electrical knob switch * * * bearing, pumps, air compressor enters into active job status at the moment, and then order open for fresh water pump inlet valve, outlet valve, control valve, pressure gauge pressure is gradually increased, the general should be reached 0. 4 - 0. 5 mpa now opened the dissolving tank water control valves, sewage treatment equipment specification through dissolved air water release, the release of the * * * floating in the pool, gas present many tiny bubbles floating in the pool, the water into a milky white, dissolved air system is normal, the higher the dissolved air pressure, the release of dissolved air bubble density, the higher the 6, equipment downtime, should first closed sewage control valve, sewage pump, closed again, the food factory sewage treatment equipment foam scrape, stop blowing foam machine, and then open water valve, ventilation with running tap water for 30 minutes, closed dissolved air water inlet control valve and stop the fresh water pump shandong walter huayuan environmental technology co. , LTD. ( Formerly known as weifang WoHua water treatment equipment co. , LTD. ) 成立于2008年,公司注册商标'沃华远达'是一家集环境工程设计、施工、运营、环保水处理设备销售、环卫设施销售于一体的高新技术企业,主要产品有医院污水处理设备,叠螺式污泥脱水机,中水回用设备,生活污水处理设备,屠宰养殖污水处理设备,一体化污水泵站,污水提升设备,社区污水处理设备,口腔牙科污水处理设备等是中国环保产业协会会员单位和山东省环保产业协会会员单位二、啤酒厂废水处理设备 啤酒厂污水处理设备一、食品加工废水主要来自三个生产工段食品加工废水的水量水质特性主要体现在6个方面:2、废水量大小不一,食品工业从家庭工业的小规模食品厂污水处理设备到各种大型工厂,产品品种繁多,其原料、工艺、规模等差别很大,废水量从每天几吨到几千吨不等在调节池中污水充分地混合,调节水量并初步降解有机物,然后通过污水泵将污水输入缺氧池,在缺氧池中回流混合液与原污水充分混合,通过兼氧微生物的作用,将亚硝酸氮和硝酸氮转化为氮气,完成反硝化脱氮,缺氧池出水自流入接触氧化池接触氧化池是一种以生物膜法为主,兼有活性污泥法的生物处理装置,通过鼓风机提供氧源,使污水中的有机物与池内生物膜充分接触,经微酒店生活污水处理设备生物吸附、降解作用,使水质得到净化
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