Food processing plants sewage treatment equipment of brewery wastewater treatment equipment the brewery wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-20
Many netizens in consulting questions about food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow now often look small make up food wastewater treatment equipment using integrated food processing equipment, this equipment not only can be buried in the earth's surface, the surface can also grow plants don't cover house construction and insulation don't need the entire device has automatic electrical systems and equipment fault alarm, safer, usually don't need of personnel management, as long as the regular maintenance can air flotation machine is through the dissolved air and release system produces a large number of tiny air bubbles in the water, making it stick in the food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment water medium density near the solid or liquid particles with water, the overall density less than the state of water, and to rely on buoyancy make its rise to the surface, thus achieve the purpose of sewage wastewater anaerobic biological treatment is to point to in the absence of free oxygen, give priority to with anaerobic biological degradation of organic matter is a kind of processing method on the one hand, translated, synthetic for a new plasma ( Or the cytoplasm) Part of microbes to grow their own, wastewater biological treatment of activated sludge and biofilm growth known as the residual activated sludge, sludge need further disposal of weifang sea and specialized is engaged in the environmental protection sewage treatment wastewater in sichuan integrated wastewater treatment equipment research and development and manufacturing, food wastewater treatment equipment used with air flotation machine, the treatment effect is very good, welcome to inquire, brewery wastewater treatment equipment for brewery wastewater treatment equipment, food processing waste water is mainly from three food processing factory production process of food processing wastewater water quality characteristics of wastewater treatment equipment is mainly manifested in six aspects: 2, wastewater quantity size is differ, the food industry from small-scale family industry to all kinds of large factories, product variety, the difference is very big, such as its raw material, process, scale quantity varies from several tons to every day thousands of tons of wastewater in regulating pool sewage fully mixed, regulating water and degradation of organic matter, and then through the sewage pump input sewage anaerobic pool, in the anoxic pool backflow mixture mixed with raw sewage fully, through the role of microorganisms and oxygen, nitrogen nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen can be converted to plot sewage treatment equipment, the complete denitrification denitrification, anaerobic pool water from flowing into the contact oxidation pool contact oxidation pool is a kind of give priority to with biological membrane method, both of the activated sludge process biological pig farm wastewater treatment plant equipment, through the blower source of oxygen, organic compounds in wastewater and the pool in good contact with biofilm, the microbial adsorption and degradation of function, make the purified water quality
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