Glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment integrated sewage purification tank FRP FRP tank sewage treatment tank

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-19
Many netizens in consulting about integration of glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about FRP wastewater treatment equipment integration of the related information, please follow look small make up integrated purification tank, is a merger deal with miscellaneous drainage function of sewage treatment equipment, mainly for there is no perfect drainage pipe network in rural areas and small sewage treatment projects, the purification of the dispersive processing groove can significantly reduce construction cost respectively contact aeration process 'separation' and 'anaerobic filter bed contact aeration process' of small integrated purification tank small integrated purification tank, using anaerobic good integration of glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment oxygen circulation process for nitrogen removal, and USES the principle of electrolytic iron added phosphorus removal device, implement the BOD10mg, TP1mg under, TN10mg/under/L L/L processing performance and medium tank, using the membrane separation activated sludge process ( MBR) , can realize: 3, sludge retention time is longer, slower as proliferation of nitrifying bacteria such as microscopic medical sewage treatment equipment company, the proliferation of content, high maintenance easier, in addition, because can maintain the relatively high concentration of microorganisms, reaction tank can design more compact process winding FRP septic tanks, sewage treatment winding septic tank 3 mechanical winding FRP septic tank. Vertical storage tank to the ground, the bottom corner radius should not less than 38 mm, diminishing thickening and flat at the bottom of the tangent, corner to strengthen the minimum thickness of shell and head thickness of the structure of the sum of 1. Horizontal storage tank not less than two, the number of saddle support saddle can also be used steel, cast iron, concrete, or hand lay-up FRP 5. Under the ellipsoidal head storage tank can adopt glass fibre reinforced plastic or resin concrete leg integration of glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment. Leg seat cushion of the glass bowl shaped surface water treatment equipment which should be consistent: the strengthening of glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks to the saddle parts should strengthen to help set the thickening type, its thickness of not less than 2/1 of the wall thickness, width of not less than bearing width of 1. 3 times hospital sewage treatment equipment
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