Grass cloth washing wastewater treatment equipment hotel hospital linen washing factory sewage treatment methods to solve

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-21
Many netizens in consulting about linen washing wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet found three articles about the linen washing wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up grass cloth washing, its main tableware washing wastewater as common industrial wastewater containing surfactant, sodium tripolyphosphate, fiber, oil, dusty particles, a variety of microorganisms, such as water quality turbidity can be good biochemical linen washing wastewater treatment equipment and washing wastewater biochemical model can be used for processing, the processing of the AO process method is adopted, which can effectively remove the phosphate in the washing waste water, oil, bacteria, viruses and other kinds of impurities, treated effluent water quality can reach the town sewage treatment plant water pollutant emission standards 'GB18918 - In 2002 the level specified in A discharge standards ( 1) The main pollutants in waste water of complex - — Anionic surfactant into the water, together with other pollutants, after the formation of certain dispersed colloidal particles, the LAS wastewater such as surfactant to disperse and surface adsorption exists in the form of two kinds of colloidal particles, has a great influence on the physicochemical and biochemical properties of wastewater ( 2) Waste water quality fluctuation, emission rule number alkaline washing wastewater, PH value between 8 to 11, and anionic surfactant LAS wastewater load is in commonly 10 ~ 60 mg/L, COD differences can be from hundreds to thousands of mg/L in some big washing capacity: laundry plant wastewater often contains large molecular weight of surfactant, lack of indispensable nitrogen, microbial synthesis cells make such wastewater biodegradation difficulty big, hotel hospital linen washing plant wastewater treatment solutions need professional grass cloth washing wastewater treatment equipment - 180 5368 - 3502. 洗涤废水经机械格栅拦截去除水中废渣、纸屑、纤维等固体悬浮物,进入调理池,在调理池内均质、均量后经泵提升至A级生物池,在A级生物池段异养菌将洗涤污水中可溶性有机物水解为有机酸,使大分子有机物分解为小分子有机物中药污水处理设备,不溶性的有机物转化成可溶性有机物,将蛋白质、脂肪等污染物进行氨化1、设备可处理洗涤废水及其相相似的有机污水洗涤洗涤废水经格栅进入调节池后达到指定液位水量后洗涤洗涤污水泵启动将洗涤洗涤污水提升至设备内,同布草洗涤污水处理设备时好氧段进行风机曝气,设备内部的污泥回流系统、消毒系统均由PLC电脑程序控制全自动运行因为微机操控系统具有以上功能和特点,能使洗涤污水处理设备在24小时内全主动运转,既节省人力,又节约能源,并保证洗涤污水处理到达要求标准二、布草洗涤污水处理洗涤污水处理设备解决说起布草洗涤污水处理可能都不是很熟悉,但是做布草洗涤行业的都清楚现在要想继续从事洗涤行业必须配套相应的设备,用来处理排出的废水,否则是不允许开工生产的,所谓的布草就是酒店宾馆的被罩床单等用品,因为这类用品需求量大,因此需要耗费巨大的水量进行清洗消毒才可继续使用对那些没有污水处理设备并偷排的企业,国污水处理设备 中标家相关部门是不会手软的,会进行坚决的打击,然而,我们如果想继续从事布草洗涤行业应该怎么做呢下面我们来介绍一下布草洗涤污水处理设备及常用的污水处理工艺布草洗涤污水处理设备工作原理:污水中的污染物分为溶解性有机物和非溶解性物质( The SS) , soluble organic matter under certain conditions, grass cloth washing wastewater treatment equipment can be converted into the solution and solution, one of the sewage treatment method is to add coagulant and flocculant convey to make the most of soluble organic matter of soluble substances, then all or most of the solution and solution ( The SS) Removal in order to achieve the purpose of the sewage treatment, and the main methods of removal of SS is the method of using gas float grass cloth washing wastewater treatment equipment characteristics: three, hotel linen washing wastewater treatment equipment, HYYTH sewage treatment equipment is composed of two set of equipment for steel structure, adopting domestic anticorrosive coatings for corrosion protection, HYYTH washing sewage treatment plant of AO process using push streaming oxidation pond, its processing effect is better than that of full hybrid series shenyang wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer or two, completely mixed oxidation pond and it than activated sludge pool small volume, strong applicability for water quality, impact resistant performance is good, does not produce sludge, and adopted the new elastic solid material in the oxidation pond, it has great practical specific surface area, micro hanging membrane, membrane is convenient, in the same condition, organic load than other packing of high removal rate of organic linen washing wastewater treatment equipment, therefore, sewage after TWZ series sewage treatment equipment produced by the sludge quantity is less, only 90 days or so commonly, row a mud HYYTH washing sewage treatment plant, in addition to the regular blower sound measures, also in the blower room set up new sound-absorbing material, make the equipment run time below 50 decibel noise, reduce the impact on the surrounding
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