Hebei sewage treatment equipment of aquaculture sewage treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-05
很多网友在咨询关于河北污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了六篇关于介绍河北污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧河北污水处理设备一、村庄生活污水处理设备高速公路服务区一般远离城市,无法直接纳入城市的市政污水管网,污水如果不经处理就地排放,则会对周围环境产生 不利影响,甚至造成纠纷,影响服务区的正常运行,因此需要设置单独的分散式污水处理系统进行处河北污水处理设备理其主要处理手段是采用生化处理技术接触氧化法,组合一体化生活污水处理设备的设计主要是生活污水和与之类似的工业有机污水处理水质参数按一般生活污水水质计算,进水BOD5按200mg/L计主要是使用水解酸化池出水自流至接触氧化池进行生化处理污水经过生物接触氧化池处理后出水自流进入沉淀池,进一步沉淀去除脱落的生物膜和部份污水处理设备公司有机及无机小颗粒,沉淀池是根据重力作用的原理,当含有悬浮物的污水从下往上流动时,由重力作用,将物质沉淀下来沉淀池所排放剩余污泥在池中进行好氧消化稳定处理,以减少污泥的体积和提高污泥的稳定性二、村镇生活污水处理设备村镇生活污水处理设备村镇生活污水处理设备氧化池根据水处理的污染河北污水处理设备程度不同分为好几个等级,一体化污水处理设备普通型和加强型一体化污水处理设备处理时间不大于四个小时就使用普通型的氧化池,处理时间在4- 6 hours between the use of the enhanced oxidation pond aerobic pool is provided by the fan air, pool using new elastic solid packing, integrated wastewater treatment equipment the filler surface area than the big, long service life, easy to hang membrane, corrosion resistance, bottom adopts spiral mixed type aerator, make high dissolved oxygen transfer rate, at the same time buried sewage treatment equipment manufacturers have advantages of light weight, not aging, not easy jam three, hospital sewage treatment equipment in order to make a further oxidative decomposition of organic matter, at the same time under the condition of carbonation in complete nitrification can proceed smoothly, in O level setting low organic loading of aerobic biological contact oxidation pool integration AO biological treatment process of wastewater treatment equipment adopt push biological contact oxidation pool, it is superior to the processing of completely mixed or secondary and tertiary series full hybrid biological contact oxidation pool at the same time in the biological contact oxidation pool used the new elastic solid filler, it has a real big surface area, microbial membrane, membrane is convenient, under the condition of same organic load, higher than other fillers on the removal rate of organic matter, can increase the oxygen in the air in the water solubility in AO in biological treatment process used the biological contact oxidation pool, its packing is lower, the volume of the load itself in the microbial oxidation stage, therefore less sludge production O level biological pool: O grade raw sewage treatment facilities in hebei content to promote the type of biological contact oxidation pool he, time spent in sewage pool of 5 - integrated wastewater treatment equipment for the ground 6 hours, packing for elastic three-dimensional packing, specific surface area of 200 m2 / m3 four, area wastewater pollutants in sewage treatment facilities are divided into soluble organic matter and non soluble substances ( The SS) , soluble organic matter under certain conditions, can be converted into the solution and solution, one of the sewage treatment method is to add coagulant and flocculant convey to make the most of soluble organic matter of soluble substances, all or a large sewage treatment equipment in hebei non solution solution material ( The SS) Removal of sewage treatment in order to achieve the purpose of, and the main methods of removal of SS is the method of using air floatation ( 1) The main pollutants in waste water of complex - — Anionic surfactant into the water, together with other pollutants, after the formation of certain dispersed colloidal particles, the LAS wastewater such as surfactant to disperse and surface adsorption exists in the form of two kinds of colloidal particles, has a great influence on the physicochemical and biochemical properties of wastewater ( 2) Waste water quality fluctuation, emission rule number alkaline washing wastewater, PH value between 8 to 11, and anionic surfactant LAS wastewater load is in commonly 10 ~ 60 mg/L, COD differences can be from hundreds to thousands of mg/L in some big washing capacity: laundry plant wastewater often contains large molecular weight of surfactant, lack of indispensable nitrogen, microbial synthesis cells make such wastewater biodegradation is difficult 4, dissolved air flotation machine float into the water when the aeration gas, to remove the surfactant in the water and bad smell has obvious effect, by aeration increase the dissolved oxygen in the water at the same time, provides favorable conditions for subsequent processing
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