How long is delivery time of dissolved air flotation process for water clarification ?
It depends on the project. Contact to learn how we can help meet your desired delivery schedule. Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. can provide much better delivery period since we maintain a proper degree of inventory raw materials. To be able to present the very best service to customers, we've optimized and fortified our inner procedures and technology so we can fabricate and deliver dissolved air flotation quicker.

Jinwantong is an outstanding sludge scraper supplier. Jinwantong's lamella clarifier series contains multiple sub-products. With the help of experienced craftsman, Jinwantong best sewage treatment plant is produced following the highest production standards. The superior fouling resistance helps it to avoid rapid clogging. This product creates immense value and high-end feelings to the homes with great flexibility to fit any building decoration styles. It is designed for the technical and financial optimization of each of the clients’ needs.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability. We enhance our environmental management system by constantly determining, realizing and revising environmental goals.
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