How To Properly Clean Your Septic Tank

by:Jinwantong     2020-08-27
Septic tanks may not be the most pleasurable thing to care for, but it's important that you keep your septic tank clean. If you don't, chances are it will become backed up. This can cause over flow in not only your toilet, but sometimes bathtub. There are special tools and products that can help keep your septic system clean. There are also chemicals that can help the bacteria grow within the tank so your waste dissolves faster.
There are many items you should not put down your drain. Water, waste and some bio-degradable items are acceptable. Things such as feminine products, soil, grease and insecticides are just a few of what shouldn't go down the drain. Should any of these items go down into your drain, you risk backing up you septic system.
Using a metal snake hose into your drain is one way to clear out your septic system. However, in order to clean the full tank, you need to pump it. Pumping your septic helps keep any sludge or debris from stopping up the system. Pumping the tank should be done periodically. Call your local health department to receive information and support about how to pump and how often to pump your tank.
Having your septic system inspected periodically for leaks, cracked pipes and other problems is another way to care for your system. You can call a contractor to visit your site and inspect your system. Or, you can do it yourself. A simple check, before calling the health department for assistance, consists of a few steps.
Look for any depression or sunken areas around the septic system where the main tank is. This can be a possible hazard expressing a tank that may be in the process of collapsing. Also, look for water collecting anywhere near where the tank sits. This may be a slight crack in the tank that is seeping up into the dirt. The smell of sewage is a terrible sign that your tank has possibly ruptured somewhere. If this is true, immediate action is required on your part.
Regular cleaning is important for a septic system. Of course there are those drainage products that help with better water flow. And, there are also tablets that are dropped down into the tank. These tablets work like an effervescent. They fizz up inside the tank cleaning any debris and grim, then become flushed out the drainage pipe.
The health department may recommend that your tank be cleaned manually, especially if there are many residents in the household. Cleaning inside the tank allows for the sides and bottom to be scrubbed and washed. A contractor can be hired to do this type of dirty work. However, an individual can do it alone if they wished. Using a high pressured hose, the insides of the tank can be cleaned. This is the best time to check for any cracks or leaks.
Caring for a septic tank is not hard, but necessary. There are large fines involved should you not care for your tank properly. Health departments see a damaged septic system as a major health hazard not only to you, but to those in your neighborhood.
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