Industrial wastewater treatment equipment common wastewater treatment process more figure told a GIF

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-23
Many netizens in consulting questions about the industrial wastewater treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website to introduce the related data of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, please follow look small make up without burning garbage weight light, continue to boil burning, burning garbage is greater, fell to the bottom of the furnace, after water cooling, the coarse slag with separation equipment, fine slag to the factory, a small amount of secondary slag and quartz sand by lifting equipment back to continue to use in the garbage incinerator constantly running through the furnace body, make the trash inside the body fully burning, leaning to the direction of the furnace body moving at the same time, until the burning furnace for gas floating principle: side by side the air into the treated water, and make it in the form of tiny bubbles cosmetic surgery hospital sewage treatment equipment precipitation industrial wastewater treatment equipment as the carrier, so that the flocculation body adhesion on the carrier of bubble, and then rose to the surface, forming foam scum ( Gas, water, particle three phase mixture) Break away from the water for a whirlwind boiler use high-speed rotating air flow to make coal grain of high speed rotation and intense burning cylindrical combustion chamber ( The chamber) High-speed rotating airflow to coal particles into the wall, the coal particle combustion in near a wall and wall space, forming a high temperature area, make the ash melting and sticking to the wall on a basic requirement of industrial wastewater, industrial sewage treatment process classification MCC cabinet is closing on the electric control cabinet, field have been on electricity, various kinds of instrument has been preliminary check accurate, sewage treatment equipment manufacturers and put into use, the dosing system solution has been made, can already putting-in-service proactively raw water supply system, the water tank through inspection can be put into use, the industrial wastewater treatment equipment water tank outlet valve is open, intermediate water pump, in addition to salt water pump, backwashing water pump inlet valve has opened, 4) , such as filter medium PaiKou after water, open the discharge valve, large sewage treatment equipment on the closing valve ( 8) After, many medium filter water qualified, open more medium filter water valve, close the discharge valve ( 9) Qualified, water, open the security filter inlet valve and the water discharge valve ( 14) , open R0 device inlet valve and adjust the opening of concentrated water control valve, RO feed water pressure of 1. 4mpa
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