industrial wastewater treatment equipment export destinations
As more and more manufacturers continue to tap the potentials of wastewater treatment equipment , customers from different countries realize the value of the products and benefit from them a lot. Featuring supreme reliability, unique design style, and long-term service life, the products have become popular across the whole world and thereby, attracting more people in different industries from countries to devote to the sales business of the products. Also, with the implementation of China's reform and opening up to the outside world, the export business of the product is also booming.

As society developed, Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing its own innovative ability to produce cavitation air flotation. Jinwantong's dissolved air flotation clarifier series contains multiple sub-products. cavitation air flotation is manufactured based on high-quality raw materials. It has good oxidation resistance and weather resistance. It is not easily corroded and aged. Moreover, it has excellent tensile, tear and abrasion resistance. The product has been installed in many places from the convention center and entertainment venues to hotel banquets and restaurants. It is manufactured in ISO9001 certified factory.

We envision to become a time-honored top brand and take it as our mission. We keep improving our products by introducing cutting-edge technologies.
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