Industrial wastewater treatment equipment industrial wastewater treatment equipment for the cleaning

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-23
Many netizens in consulting questions about the industrial wastewater treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website to introduce the related data of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, please follow look small make up how to industrial wastewater treatment equipment against the clean industrial wastewater treatment equipment and cleaning method 1: manual backwash operation method 1, first stop the sewage pump, flocculant, coagulant aid metering pump, water electric valve closed 3, manual backwashing water electric valve opening industrial sewage treatment device, start backwash pump, backwashing about 5. 0 minutes, stop the backwash pump, shutting the backwashing water electric valve industrial wastewater treatment equipment for the cleaning method 2:1, remote control, automatic backwash wastewater treatment according to the total run time about 8 hours of backwash ( Time can be adjusted, but with the industrial wastewater treatment equipment mud time wrong) 2, first stop waste water lift pump, coagulation, coagulant aid amount of industrial wastewater treatment equipment pump run - — Industrial wastewater treatment equipment water electric valve shut - — Open new rural sewage treatment equipment and drainage of A and B electric valve drainage, about 60 seconds to shut down - — Open the backwashing water electric valve - — Flushing backwash pump is started, about 5 minutes to stop backwash pump, close the laundry water electric valve, industrial wastewater treatment equipment to stop running for 45 minutes and 60 minutes to recover the operation and use value for sewage treatment and sewage treatment devices, we learned about its performance parameters, as to its use value, we should be more detailed look at the small make up for you a brief introduction of the sewage treatment equipment the use value of waste water treatment device is a kind of effective processing city life sewage, industrial wastewater, industrial equipment, avoid waste water and pollutants directly into the water pollution of the environment, to improve the ecological environment, enhance urban grade and promoting economic development is of great significance and wide scope of the use of sewage treatment equipment, applicable to the residential area, hospital nursing home water treatment equipment design, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, agencies, schools, troops and aquatic product processing factory, processing plant, dairy wastewater treatment equipment storage data processing plant sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater, such as textile, beer, paper making, leather making, food, chemical and other industries of organic wastewater treatment, the main purpose is to similar industrial organic sewage and wastewater treatment after meet recycling water quality requirements, make the waste water treatment after recycling use can we learn from the article above, sewage treatment equipment application range industrial wastewater treatment equipment, not only to protect the ecological environment can also, to say the sewage treatment equipment has become an effective means of the new era of sewage treatment
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