Integration of life sewage treatment equipment integrated sewage treatment equipment structure

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-17
很多网友在咨询关于生活一体化污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了三篇关于介绍生活一体化污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧管理人职责:需要有健全的一体化污水处理设备运行维修管理制度,并且编制年度维修计划以及备件、备品的购买计划负责选择购买设备、建账、调拨以及报废的管理,还需要编制一体化污水处理设备的图册或者档案,并负责提供更新、改造的设计方案,需要参与设备的改造、大修以及更新工作,并且需要检查设备安全以及事故分析等运行人职责:最好制定一体化污水处理设备的职员岗位责任制,还有相应操作流程设备维修管理内容:制生活一体化污水处理设备定完善的一体化污水处理设备的档案,比如说名称、性能、图纸、文件、运行日期、测试数据、维修记录等等,在日常使用中责任人需要检查一体化污水处理设备的维修保养,并且制定专业制度,拥有一体化污水处理设备的检修章程,比方说检修的验收标准、检修技术标准、检修的程序等,还需要建立备件、备品的制度等返回搜狐,查看更多一、一体化污水处理设备介绍2、污水处理设备中的AO生物处理工艺采用推流式生物接触氧化池,它的处理优于完全混合式或二、三级串联完全混合式生物接触氧化池同时在生物接触氧化池中采用了新型弹性立体填料,它具有实际比表面积生活一体化污水处理设备大,微生物挂膜、脱膜方便,在同样有机负荷条件下,比其它填料对有机物的去除率高,能提高空气中的氧在水中溶解度3、由于在AO生物处理工艺中采用了生物接触氧化池,其填料的体积负荷比较低,微生物处于自身氧化阶段,因此产泥量较少因此,污水经污水处理设备后所产生的污泥量较少,一般仅需90天左右排一次泥4、一体化污水处理设备除了采用了常规的鼓风机消音措施外( Such as vibration isolation pad, censored hubei integrated wastewater treatment equipment, etc. ) , but also on the inner wall of the blower room set up new sound-absorbing material, make the equipment run time below 50 decibel noise, reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, the integration of sewage treatment equipment operation need to pay attention to the original title: integration of sewage treatment equipment operation, what need to pay attention to sewage treatment in sewage treatment equipment prices have a lot of things to pay attention to during the operation of the equipment, so they should be in strict accordance with the operating instruction manual and the manufacturer mentioned points, it can also reduce the chance of equipment management during the operation of sewage treatment equipment is very important to you how to choose the urban life sewage treatment equipment required for a better deal with 1. First of all, when the choice, you should know that this kind of life sewage treatment equipment integration technology is reliable three sewage treatment equipment, the integration of sewage treatment equipment introduction life waste water by the grating structure to intercept to remove waste water, paper, fiber, such as suspended solids, enter the regulation pool, after adjusting pool inhomogeneous, average by the pump up to A level of biological pool, period of heterotrophic bacteria in grade A biological pool will hydrolysis of soluble organic matter in water to organic acid, make the macromolecular organic matter is decomposed into small molecule organic compound, insoluble organic matter into soluble organic matter, protein, fat and other contaminants to ammoniation under the condition of sufficient oxygen, nitrification will NH3 - nitrifying bacteria N oxidation of NO3 - By circumfluence control returns to A level biology pool, under hypoxic conditions, different bacteria denitrification will NO3 - Reduction for molecular nitrogen, contact oxidation pond life integrated wastewater treatment equipment themselves go into the water tank for precipitation, settling basin water into the pool of chlorine dioxide disinfection disinfection, disinfection of water discharging standard cement quotation mix sewage further integrated wastewater treatment equipment, make full use of the pool and efficient as bacterial carrier, filling materials by microbes and oxygen can be difficult dissolved organic matter in wastewater can be converted to soluble organic matter, will be hydrolyzed into small molecular organic macromolecular organic matter, for the level O biological tank after further oxidation decomposition, at the same time through the flow of carbon nitrogen nitrate under the action of nitrifying bacteria, can be A partial nitrification and denitrification, here for removing ammonia nitrogen tank is used for solid-liquid separation to remove peeling off biochemical pool of biofilm and suspended sludge, the sewage purification real, two pond sludge discharge effect is stable to the sludge pump to the sludge pool regularly, and set the sludge reflux device, part of the return sludge to the class A biological tank for nitrification and denitrification, both to reduce the sludge generated, also good for ammonia nitrogen removal in wastewater
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