Intex Sand Filter - A Crystal Clear Performance

by:Jinwantong     2020-08-23
The Intex 56673EG sand filter is an ideal choice to keep your backyard swimming pool water in tip-top condition, so that you can take a breathtaking dip without the fear of swimming through an algal bloom!
When you purchased or inherited your swimming pool, the last thing you probably thought about was the swimming pool cleaner or in this case the sand filter and why would you? Most people just want to enjoy the luxury moments in life without worrying about how they work or continue to work.
To maintain the swimming pool as a luxury item and not something of burden that needs regular cleaning and maintenance you need to choose a system of keeping the water clean and by far the easiest way is to install a sand filter.
There is no reason to panic, sand filters have come a long way recently, so that now even a reasonably small and inexpensive filter like the Intex Krystal Clean will keep a moderately sized swimming pool clean for several years with little fuss.
So why choose Intex and how do they work?
Intex are a recognised name in the pool arena, making sand filters as well as other pool based accessories. They have a reputation for affordability and reliability and in general the sand filters they manufacture are straightforward to install.
The filters range in price from $150 to more than $300, depending on the size of pump and capacity of flow, so they provide a broad spectrum of models including saltwater filters to suit the budget of most individuals. You can also purchase the various water treatment packages, adapters, replacement sand and even floating pool chairs all from Intex.
The Krystal Clear model includes a six way function control valve which allows you to perform all of the necessary steps in pool maintenance. The processes include backwashing and rinse, which is when you run the pump in reverse to clear out the accumulated debris. Recalculation allows you to perform spot checks on the water quality including pH levels and mineralization content. The drain and closed system for winterizing and standing the system down during harsh weather and finally the filter system which will be running the majority of the time to keep the water clean.
As with most modern sand filters the 56673EG comes equipped with a pressure gauge mounted on the top for easy monitoring. When the pressure rises due to bacterial debris content, the pressure increases and displays on the gauge. This tells you it is time to start the backwashing process.
Another advantage of the Intex filter is a handy 24 hour self timer which allows you to set cleaning times for the middle of the night, so that the pool is ready first thing in the morning and you do not have to wait around in your swimming costume for a bracing dip.
The Krystal Clear is very easy to set up. In fact many online reviews proclaim the relative ease of installing the filter in less than twenty minutes, with or without instructions.
Standing up to all modern safety standards the filter has a 0.5 horse power pump which manages a 1600 gph flow and incorporates a GFCI unit which trips any potential electrical faults immediately to prevent shock.
A skimmer basket removes larger particles of pollutants from the system, keeping the filter running healthily for years. This means you can get away with only replacing the 55 pounds of sand once every 5 years or more.
The Intex Krystal Clear is a fantastic sand filter for small to medium-sized swimming pools and the inexpensive price makes it a popular filter among swimming pool users.

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