Intex Sand Filter - Big Things From a Little Inexpensive

by:Jinwantong     2020-07-24
With so many filters do choose from, the average customer may have a tough time deciding which filter would best suit their needs. This is especially true for a good sand filter. Even though there are many brands out there, there are actually only a few that are standouts. Among these great brands is Intex.
Intex has been in the industry for years and not only makes many great pool-related products, but some amazing above ground filters as well. Not only are its filters some of the best, they are also very economically priced. Among its many available filters, one of its highly recommended sand filters that are also the most cost-efficient is the Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump, which can often be found online for under $200.00!
While most popular brands of sand filters will cost four times the cost of this low budget filter, the savings are well worth it. Don't be fooled by the cost into thinking that this filter won't do the job. This is a heavy-duty filter that will keep up well with its more expensive rivals.
It's small, light weight, and low price tag still conveys most of the same features and benefits of its much larger and costlier counterparts that can be found in commercial pools.
In fact, the flexibility of this unit makes it highly desirable. It has six settings that allow you to accurately control the backwash and filtration of your pool. The settings also allow you to rinse the unit with cracking it open and which also allow for complete servicing and winterizing. You can also completely close off the unit when filtering is complete.
Though professional grade, this filter seems to have been made for the novice. Most average consumers boast that this unit can be simply set up in under fifteen minutes without any prior technological knowledge.
If you love plug and play technology, then you'll love the Krystal Clear Sand Filter. Not only is set up easy, you can literally program this unit's timer to work for you while you tend to other more important tasks.
There's nothing like having the unit do its thing while you sleep and awaking to a crystal clear pool you can dip into first thing in the morning. No one likes having to spend grueling hours manually cleaning and filtering a pool before enjoying that first dive in. Let Intex go to work for you.
The unit comes with a.5 horsepower pump and a skimmer basket to prolong the life of the sand, which, incidentally, needs to be replaced only once every five years due to the extreme efficiency and effectiveness of this powerful small unit.

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