Kouqiangke small sewage treatment equipment cost-effective outpatient sewage treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-28
Many netizens in sewage treatment advice on dental equipment problems today, this small make up on the Internet to find the second article about introduce kouqiangke sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up embellish the independent research and development production of dental oral sewage treatment equipment, mainly for dental clinic, dental clinic, community clinics, school clinic and other smaller slaughtering sewage treatment equipment, water is less and the need for wastewater treatment of small medical units, embellish the RCXD type equipment adopts full automatic control mode, self-priming and artesian water, suitable for sewage pipeline ZiXiXing equipment installed in the underground of the medical treatment unit, ZiXiXing device equipped with liquid level control system, to realize automatic water pump, water stop operation procedures of gravity type equipment is suitable for the medical treatment unit sewage flow to have head, simple and convenient connection, butt in and out of the gate can complete the installation of equipment, their type and ZiXiXing basically no difference in the size, capacity and effect are same, the only difference is that added water pump as power system, sewage raising pump power is zero. 37 kw, and the liquid level control, at the same time, the water pump set loop control system to prevent the pump idling burned inside motor, in embellish the RCXD small medical sewage treatment equipment of ozone generating module Settings in the dental air inlet and outlet circulation cooling fan sewage treatment equipment, this configuration can improve the service life of the ozone generator electrode, ozone generating module unique fresh air filtration system at the same time, the filtering flocculent suspended impurities in the air, make preparation of ozone is more efficient, higher purity, better effect can reach 99% dental oral outpatient service medical treatment way has a lot of, the current mainstream with chlorine dioxide, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection, and chlorine dioxide and ozone is one of the most clinics adopted by the two methods of disinfection, along with the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the use of chlorine dioxide treatment of medical waste in bad time control drug dosing dosing quantity it is easier to chlorine exceeds bid, the solution is equipped with residual chlorine detector and dechlorination apparatus, operation process is relatively trouble, ozone as a new type of sterilization device, sterilization effect is over 99%, and does not need any potions, easy to operate with dental dental clinic and other small sewage produced by medical institutions, our equipment by electrolysis oxygen in the air to produce ozone by air compressor is bubbled into water, and to inactivate bacteria viruses in the sewage by ozone, ozone sterilization mechanism for a dental equipment for sewage treatment unit, small oral and dental sewage treatment equipment production company according to the water pollutant discharge standard for medical institution ( GB18466 - 2005). Standards of beauty and health care and other small dental clinic medical institutions of medical waste water produced sewage processing equipment manufacturers selling only need to disinfect the back into the sewage pipe network, but the residual chlorine in wastewater with chlorine disinfection (have asked general small sewage treatment facilities of the medical institutions because there is no specialist unattended and professionals using chlorine disinfection prone to residual chlorine exceeds bid, can not meet the environmental protection bureau and the bureau of health demand of shandong walter huayuan environmental technology co. , LTD. According to the available medical clinic area is small, the characteristics of the dental equipment for sewage treatment quantity is little, the design adopts the model of ozone disinfection of small medical sewage disinfection equipment WHYTH oral dental dedicated physical method sewage wastewater treatment equipment, do not need to add drugs, also won't have the phenomenon of excess chlorine emission, do not produce subsequent oral dental function of sewage treatment equipment investment costs: two sewage treatment equipment, small clinic cost-effective plateau title: small oral and dental small sewage treatment equipment production company medical sewage treatment equipment selection sewage (physical or chemical method According to user requirements) Don't need to add drugs, there will be no chlorine emission overruns phenomenon, do not produce subsequent investment costs 3, system in sichuan food factory integration effect is stable and reliable equipment, sewage treatment equipment with a liquid level, water running, anhydrous standby response time is as follows: ( If you need our factory to send to the site maintenance, our factory will immediately after receiving phone depart) Equipment fault repair, accessories in 24 hours within 6 hours to repair the sewage treatment equipment, dental accessories fault within 3 hours to repair small oral and dental sewage treatment equipment production company
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