Kouqiangke wastewater treatment equipment hospital outpatient wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-28
Many netizens in sewage treatment advice on dental equipment problems of today's small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces dental sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the sewage treatment plant is mainly composed of wastewater automatic promotion system, advanced oxidation of ozone disinfection system and integrated central control system of hoisting system of the built-in sewage automatic equipment, equipment operation, the treatment of sewage produced after entering the self-priming lifter, by its wastewater by a lower into the disinfection reactor ( Yellow PE material) Principle of hospital sewage treatment equipment for hospital sewage discharged, processing, sewage treatment equipment to control the whole process of dental clinics in all integrated wastewater treatment equipment in xinjiang medical sewage must be through a dedicated pipeline input processing pool disinfection treatment before discharge, dental treatment equipment understanding leap and independent research and development production of dental oral sewage treatment equipment, mainly for dental clinic, dental clinic, community clinics, school clinic such as smaller, less water, and the need for wastewater treatment of small medical units, embellish the RCXD type equipment adopts full small sewage treatment equipment manufacturer sail shield environmental automation control mode, self-priming and artesian water, suitable for sewage pipeline ZiXiXing equipment installed in the underground of the medical treatment unit, ZiXiXing device equipped with liquid level control system, to realize automatic water pump, water stop operation procedures of gravity type equipment is suitable for the medical treatment unit sewage flow to have head, simple and convenient connection, butt in and out of the gate can complete the installation of equipment, their type and ZiXiXing basically no difference in the size, capacity and effect are same, the only difference is that added water pump as power system, sewage raising pump power is zero. 37 kw, and the liquid level control, at the same time, the water pump set loop control system to prevent water pump idle burned inside motor one-piece sewage treatment equipment, in embellish the RCXD small medical sewage treatment equipment of ozone generating module Settings in the inlet and outlet circulation cooling fan, this configuration can improve the service life of the ozone generator electrode, ozone generating module unique fresh air filtration system at the same time, the filtering flocculent suspended impurities in the air, make preparation of ozone is more efficient, higher purity, better effect can reach 99% dental oral outpatient service medical treatment way has a lot of, the current mainstream with chlorine dioxide, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection, and chlorine dioxide and ozone is one of the most clinics adopted by the two methods of disinfection, along with the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the use of chlorine dioxide treatment of medical waste in bad time control drug dosing dosing quantity it is easier to chlorine exceeds bid, the solution is equipped with residual chlorine detector and dechlorination apparatus, operation process is relatively trouble, sewage treatment equipment is a new type of ozone as a dental disinfection equipment, sterilization effect is over 99%, and does not need any potions, easy to operate with dental dental clinic and other small sewage produced by medical institutions, our equipment by electrolysis oxygen in the air to produce ozone by air compressor is bubbled into water, through the ozone to inactivate bacteria viruses in the sewage, ozone sterilization mechanism for the dental equipment for sewage treatment unit
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