Large sewage treatment plant food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment design

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-07
很多网友在咨询关于大型污水处理设备厂的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了三篇关于介绍大型污水处理设备厂的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧有人说,污水处理设备看起来几乎一样,但为什么价格差异这么大接下来让小编告诉大家污水处理设备价格差异的原因污水处理过程不同,污水处理设备的价格自然会有所不同2、污水处理设备配置不同价格也会不同,进口配件以及品牌商家的配置肯定要高于普通配置的价格4、如果想要处理后的废水作为再生水回用到企业的生产过程中,那么污水处理设备的价格自然也要高于普通的污水处理设备大型污水处理设备厂一、杀鸭厂污水处理设备达标处理它与单级AO工艺的不同之处在于前段设置一厌氧反应器,旨在通过厌氧过程使废水中的部分难降解有机物得以降解去除大型污水处理设备厂,进而改善废水的可生化性,并为后续的缺氧段提供适合于反硝化过程的碳源,最终达到高效去除COD、BOD、N、P的目的AAO系统的工艺流程是:废水经预处理后进入厌氧反应器,使高COD物质在该段得到部分分解,然后进入缺氧段,进行反硝化过程,而后是进行氧化降解有机物和进行硝化反应的好氧段一种好氧处理污水的生物反应器,由水槽和一组圆盘构成,圆盘下部浸没在水中,圆盘上部暴露在空气中,表面生长有生物群落,转动的转盘周而复始接触污水和空气中的氧,使污水得到净化( 3) Anaerobic biological treatment, including anaerobic digestion, hydrolysis acidification pool and UASB anaerobic biological treatment is the use of facultative anaerobic bacteria and obligate anaerobe will macromolecules in sewage plants sewage treatment equipment machine material degradation as low molecular compound, and then converted to methane, carbon dioxide, organic wastewater treatment method, divided into acid and alkaline digestion two phase two, food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment design ( 5) Pathogenic bacteria such as poison for food manufacturer for sewage disposal, needs less investment, low operation cost, stable operation, good treatment effect, simple and convenient operation management process, when choosing technology must be combined with its own actual situation to consider 3, according to the characteristics of the wastewater treatment by water and process requirements, makes every effort to achieve the selected process for advanced treatment technology, covers an area of less, optimum slaughter wastewater treatment equipment processing with strong sex, the purpose of saving investment and reduce the operation and management cost 4, according to the mature technology, reasonable economy, easy operation, maintenance simple principle, overall design and unit structure design, and fully pay attention to energy saving, makes every effort to reduce power consumption, to save energy and reduce the processing cost and operation cost 5, sedimentation tank, sewage after O level biochemical pond treatment, the water contains a lot of suspended solids ( Biological membrane loss) , in order to make the SS to achieve discharge standard, USES the vertical sedimentation heavy large sewage treatment equipment factory lake basin for solid-liquid separation tank set 1, the surface load of 1. 0 m2 / m3 tank sludge CaiCai gas equipment to the sludge pool, at the same time according to actual quality condition will be partial to A level biochemical sludge pools to return sludge, O level biochemical sludge concentration in the pool, removal efficiency of three, plastic particle cleaning plant sewage treatment equipment manufacturers selling plastic particle processing wastewater treatment equipment is mainly used for plastic granulation of waste plastic, waste plastic woven bag before wash wastewater and waste plastic bottles, most of the suspended particles in wastewater pollutants, oil, plastic products of various organic and inorganic qualitative, in the production practice for cleaning, crushing process only have higher demand to the content of suspended solids in water, can hangzhou sewage treatment equipment remove the most of the suspended solids in the wastewater by coagulation treatment technique, and the wastewater reuse in the production process of large sewage treatment plant, achieve the goal of reducing wastewater second, in regulating pool due to gravity, the proportion of the larger material such as sediment in the waste water will settle to the bottom, clarifying effect, thus reducing suspended matter concentration wastewater to join air float pool, automatic dosing system at the same time adding coagulant with flow to gas floating in the pool, the water and gas, under the joint action of coagulant and waste water mixture floating pool of water, in turn, into the pool in biological treatment, removing most of the organic matters, ammonia nitrogen, etc, and then in the second pond, spate separation, again through the filtering effect of wastewater to further filter out impurities, to make waste water more purification
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