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by:Jinwantong     2020-08-30
Material handling conveyors transport products from one area of a company to another area. These conveyor systems can move an item from its beginning stage to its final packaging stage. There are many different systems available on the market today. Knowing what the item is that needs to be moved will dictate the kind of system needed.
The manufacturers of the transport systems need to know what has to be transported and where the item needs to go. Most of the companies that fabricate the systems will have an engineer visit the customer's company to see what exactly is needed. He then collaborates with the rest of the manufacturing team to design the correct system or choose a ready-made structure. The correct system can allow a company to increase productivity and improve product-handling efficiency.
There are several different merchandise moving systems available on the market. A basic transporter is a gravity conveyor. It utilises gravity to move the product. It is most frequently used on shipping, receiving and assembly lines. It transports flat-bottom containers.
Belt conveyers are the most popular transport system. A product rides on a belt just like food at the grocery store. A moving belt system can be used for assembly operations, general transport and package handling. A more complex belt system can be used for high-speed sorting and package delivery.
Chain-driven roller systems can move items at a set rate of speed. This motor powered system can move cartons efficiently. Books are usually packed in cardboard cartons and sent along the rollers to be sealed and addressed. The chain-driven rollers come in a tabletop model. Bottles are easily filled and sealed as they pass by workstations. This conveyor was highlighted on a television commercial for the Laverne and Shirley Show. The bottles were being filled with beer and capped at a brewery in Milwaukee.
The gravity, belt and chain-driven roller systems are widely used systems for product transportation. Each system can be customised to meet the customer's needs. The gravity conveyor can be purchased in straight and curved lengths. If the customer's product needs to take a turn, curves can be incorporated into the system. The belt system can be motorised to move the customer's items faster and at an even pace. The belt can have an incline or decline, depending on where the item needs to be sent. The belt can have divided compartments where bulk products or unboxed items can ride without falling off. The belt can be made of wire mesh. The mesh belt can transport hot or cold food items.
The chain-driven rollers can be fitted with zero accumulation technology. The products can accumulate on one area of the rollers without a build-up of line pressure. Items can be easily removed from any spot on the rollers.
Material handling conveyers can get the customer's product where it needs to go. System fabricating companies offer customised and stock systems. They also provide service for the handling systems. Some companies sell parts, so the customer can replace worn or broken pieces. Many companies provide live customer service reps to talk a customer through a problem. Product design, construction, maintenance and service are the keys to increasing a customer's productivity and efficiency through innovation and creativity.
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