MBR wastewater treatment equipment company leader jindal 830777 oc decentralized wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-31
Many netizens in consulting about the MBR wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the three articles about the introduction of MBR wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up clean slaughtering workshop and the amount of each parts such as wastewater, artesian well into the grille, pig hair, hoof advantage by grille shell MBR wastewater treatment equipment such as large particulate matter and ground meat, by the pump into the micro filter, the microfiltration machine for the cylindrical drum, A minimum passing rate is about 100 mesh, the effective sewage in pig intestines and stomach will concern and feces of rice husk completely, undigested food particles, intercept, reduce the pressure of the processing of subsequent process water directly into the biochemical regulation pool, the biochemical regulation pool here is converted from, from the early pond, pond, at the beginning of 96 m after effective volume, according to the technological requirements slightly smaller, but in order to use waste to save investment, after processing to reduce the air flotation machine effectively avoid the disadvantages of the biochemical regulating pool is too small, the average of wastewater in the biochemical regulation pool, by quantitative pump into the ABR system level 2 A/O biological treatment of wastewater by the second pond, the precipitation after their entry into new MBR membrane biological treatment so in the back-end of the system increases the MBR membrane biochemical processing pool ( Food processing wastewater using MBR system in the car must offline cleaning, garbage leachate wastewater treatment dump wastewater treatment equipment technology, but rely on disk tubular membrane reverse osmosis treatment leachate and integration of the MBR wastewater treatment equipment in the following problems: garbage leachate wastewater membrane biological reactor ( MBR) Useful technology of domestic ceramic membrane and organic membrane 3 _ / MBR wastewater treatment equipment 0 a MBR treatment of leachate project example, the same successful membrane technology in leachate treatment has a good adaptability, 2) Ro membrane for N good intercept rate ( Can be up to 90%) , to a certain extent, can solve the problem of late leachate effluent ammonia nitrogen not up to standard of waste water treatment equipment, MBRMBBR technology difference between MBR and MBBR technology in wastewater treatment equipment difference MBBR MBR and the two technologies while only one letter, but there are many stakeholders engaged in waste water treatment of the two kinds of confusing, small face right tripod under small make up just to tell you about the difference between these two kinds of process of membrane bioreactor ( MBR) Is a membrane separation unit is on wastewater treatment equipment and biological treatment unit and a new type of water treatment technology, membrane module instead two pond, buried sewage treatment equipment ( Or water decanter) Remained highly active sludge concentration in the bioreactor to reduce cover an area of wastewater treatment equipment, and by keeping low sludge loading reduce carrier flow quantity of sludge bed moving bed biofilm reactor ( MBBR) ,其原理是通过向反应器中投加一定数量的悬浮载体,提高反应器中的生物量及生物种类,从而提高反应器的处理效率MBBR 的核心就是增加填料,独特设计的填料在鼓风曝气的扰动下在反应池中随水流浮动,带动附着生长的生物菌群与水体中的污染物和氧气充分接触MBR污水处理设备,污染物通过吸附和扩散作用进入生物膜内,被微生物降解三、公司深度金达莱830777OC分散式污水处理设备领导者兼氧FMBR技术与传统MBR技术相比MBR污水处理设备具有一体化的优势,使用金达莱自主研发的特性菌群,将污水处理设施生产装备化,出水达到一级A标准,适用于分散式污水处理乡镇污水处理设施建设逐年增长,金达莱作为分散式生活污水处理专家, FMBR污水处理设备装备化水平高、污水处理规模多样、出水水质优于各省市农村生活污水排放标准,能广泛运用于乡镇污水治理2000年《城市污水处理及污染防治技术》发布,过去国家对城镇污水处理的推荐工艺以活污水处理设备书性污泥法类为主,当时国内MBR工艺还在实验阶段,而2010年后,大型MBR项目的数量和规模增长速度明显加快,截至2014年,我国大型MBR项目累计规模达到每日400万吨,但由于该技术引进时间相对较短,目前应用率不高与占据主要生活污水处理市场的传统活性污泥法、常规MBR技术对比,公司自主研发的兼氧FMBR技术在剩余污泥量、占地面积、建设周期等方面的优势十分明显金达莱兼氧FMBR技术作为目前有机污水处理的顶尖技术,从处理效果到建设运营成本方面基本胜过市场现存工艺,在公司研发投入增加、工艺不断升级的情况下,未来将在水环境治理领域的截污治污环节拥有一席之地
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