Meat processing wastewater treatment equipment slaughtering meat processing wastewater treatment equipment complete technical solutions

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-01
很多网友在咨询关于肉类加工污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了二篇关于介绍肉类加工污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧肉类加工污水处理设备是我公司生产的新型污水处理一体化设备,从根源上解决了生猪屠宰场污水、宰羊污水、农贸市场家禽宰杀污水、食品厂冷冻污水等厂区的污水不达标问题1、肉制品加工污水处理设备采用先进的处理工艺,有效去除血污、毛发和各种污染物,使肉类加工污水处理设备出水达标排放2、肉制品加工污水处理设备已获得国家,是国家和环保局认可的环保设备4、肉制品加工污水处理设备配有PLC智能自动控制系统和故障报警装置,运行安全可靠,无需专人管理,只需按照污水处理的运行时间设污水处理一体化设备多少钱定开启和关闭时间即可5、肉制品加工污水处理设备采用碳钢防腐材质,耐腐蚀性强,使用寿命长一、食品厂肉类加工污水处理设备汇总大全一、食品厂肉类加工污水处理设备品类熟食肉类加工废水处理设备系列平流式溶气气浮装置集进水、隔油、絮凝、分离、集水、出水于一体,与传统气浮设备类似,设有一个稳流室、溶气释放室,使处量性能更稳定,效果更优越处理污水时,污水从装置顶部流入曝气区肇庆污水处理设备,曝气机水下曝气并推流搅动污水,进入的污水很快与原有的混合液充分混合,大限度地适应进水水质的变化曝气机通过水流推动和水下曝气双重功能,使曝气区污水有规律地循环流动,污水中的溶解氧含量迅速提高5. High purification efficiency, BOD removal rate was 80% ~ 90%, the water the indicators meet the national 'urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge meat processing wastewater treatment equipment, standard' ( GB 18918 - 2002). Level 2 or level 1 ( B) Standards, can satisfy the 2, slaughtering meat processing wastewater treatment equipment complete technology solution gas pool, UASB YanYangChi, contact oxidation pond sludge into the mud storage pool, concentrated in the sludge dewatering workshop with belt type enrichment of pressure filtration dehydration dehydration machine, dry sludge sinotrans disposal regularly, storage pool cleaning fluid and pressure mud filtrate flow back to the factory sewage system in zhejiang sand washing wastewater treatment equipment UASB reactor using reinforced concrete structure, through the water distribution, reaction and phase separation process, make a good contact with the water of organic matter with granular sludge, produce intense reaction, thus removing COD, BOD5 and at the same time enhance the wastewater can be used biochemical sexual contact oxidation pond near the city sewage treatment plant of aerobic sludge dewatering, 14 t adding the activated sludge, adding the concentration of about 1, 000 mg/L, after the completion of the dosing, static tightness of 24 h, excluding some clear liquid, per class into the pump 1 1 h, namely 150 m3 per class, class 3 a day, water 450 m3 / d, this stage is not mud, then gradually increase the processing load, at the same time to carry on the inlet and outlet water quality and reflect the living meat processing wastewater treatment equipment sex determination of sludge performance indicators, including the SV, MLSS, SVI, COD, BOD5, UASB + contact oxidation process the meat processing enterprises of slaughtering production wastewater treatment can effectively remove the water COD, BOD5, SS, and NH3 - N, discharge waste water meet meat processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards ( GB 13457 - 92) Livestock slaughtering processing level of emission standards used in UASB + contact oxidation process the enterprise slaughtering and meat processing wastewater is feasible, effluent water quality can reach the meat processing industry water pollution discharge standard completely meat processing industrial water pollutant emission standards ( GB 13457 - 92) The senseless slaughter processing level of emission standards
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