Oil vegetable oil wastewater treatment equipment pagoda GanGuYi expansion renovation tender announcement factory sewage treatment facilities

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-03
Many netizens in consulting about oil sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find five article about introduce oil sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the original title: shaanxi launch songs 'the heart has light' salute outbreak of fighting a line 'NiXingZhe' shaanxi musicians and oil wastewater treatment equipment media people are writing songs 'the heart has light' praying for wuhan refueling lyrics: what wang ping: composing ZuoHui strange singing: a fenice band for processing food and beverage, food and beverage wastewater sewage oil-water separator equipment necessary for how a, catering sewage treatment, food and beverage wastewater treatment summary of oil-water separator equipment, food and beverage wastewater how oil sewage treatment equipment, catering sewage water quality parameters of oil and water separator equipment how three, catering sewage treatment, food and beverage wastewater treatment wastewater characteristics so oil-water separator equipment, we have also called food oil and water processor, it can be on the food after the rest of the oily waste water or waste oil processing, separation and collection reuse how five, catering sewage treatment, food and beverage wastewater glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment equipment, oil-water separator equipment development outlook, ink printing wastewater treatment equipment, sewage wastewater treatment technology is introduced using coagulation air floatation - Combination oil sewage treatment equipment, contact oxidation process, can be water-based printing ink wastewater, canteen comprehensive sewage and sewage processing to achieve a better effect of water-based ink wastewater after every except for larger suspension coagulation air floatation, solid-liquid separation, sewage and sewage mixed with the canteen, the anaerobic adjustment, the secondary aeration biological contact oxidation, effluent CODcr reached 67 mg/L, three chromaticity, pagoda is researched GanGuYi factory sewage treatment facilities expansion renovation tender announcement this pagoda production plant GanGuYi factory sewage treatment facilities expansion reconstruction has been approved by the project examination and approval / / record-filing authority approval, project funding for self-raised funds 00000 yuan scale: pagoda production plant GanGuYi oily wastewater treatment equipment in campus life sewage treatment facilities expansion renovation project is a new GanGuYi town sewage treatment plant component level of sewage treatment facilities for old facilities (using the original sewage treatment station Grille + adjusting pool) , integration of new secondary treatment facilities for: integration of pumping station + preprocessor + A squared / 0 + lab sewage treatment equipment coagulation precipitation + fiber rotary filter + disinfection, secondary treatment facilities take A part for the integration of pumping station engineering, integration of pretreatment machine, biochemical precipitation pool, pool water disinfection, recycling, pap metering tank, pump room and chlorine workshop complex building, equipment procurement project for secondary processing facilities of electrical and mechanical equipment to purchase the tender documents must carry information: corporate letter of attorney and identity card of the licensee ( Be duly authorized for this unit worker, and in the process of bidding shall not, without replacement) And qualifications of the bidders the announcement of the information of the original and copy of fresh chop on a to ensure that you would be able to bid, please before bid or purchase the bidding documents to tendering agent consultation tendering requirements in detail, or the tenderer to specific requirements and project tendering agency or the tenderer shall return the explanation of sohu, see more four, dry power plant pollution from sewage treatment to understand motor, coupling of concentricity and clearance, each part of the screw is loose, flexible and turn the coupling with the hand to see if whether there was a noise inside the pump, bearing lubricating oil is enough, something around to see if there is a breach of the running pump and motor into the pool of water, if there is a suction on the suction pump station bottom water tubular, should check whether the small tube plug valve is closed that do not need to take special security measures can use hand to touch to determine whether the equipment in the place and the location of a normal state should be checking ( Note cannot prohibit disorderly touch touch, in order to prevent electric shock accidents such as) :( 6) Fan on the pressure gauge pressure shall not exceed the signs shown in specified range of booster, otherwise must stop check air inlet is blocked in the system, into the exhaust valve closed, whether the fan in the static and dynamic parts whether some other problems such as friction, and take corresponding measures, 8) Maintenance and overhaul should be used according to the specific situation and formulate reasonable maintenance system, timely and make records, under normal conditions of requirement unit working 1000 hours, change the lubricating oil, 4000 hours after repairs or check once, overhaul once a year and in the wearing parts, export system pressure 1 b. After checking rule out 1 a. B after checking out, the other 2 parts caused by abnormal, static and dynamic friction b, gear damage, damage to the bearings, 2 c. Adjust the clearance of 2 a. Replacement of 2 b. C to replace 1, a body temperature is too high, because of the pressure ratio of P/P increased into b, increased due to the inlet gas temperature, static and dynamic friction 1 c. After checking rule out 1 a. Check out after 1 b. 2 c adjust clearance, bearing, bearing damage b, or inadequate or excessive lubricating oil c, lube oil temperature is too high, or oily
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