Outpatient hospital sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment equipment should have five characteristics is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-21
Many netizens in consulting about outpatient sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find three articles about outpatient sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the shandong walter huayuan according to dental clinic, dental clinic sewage water containing large amount of disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria, virus and worm eggs, the outpatient service of sewage treatment equipment also contains chemicals and the radioactive isotope, a space pollution, latent infection and acute infection characteristics, very dangerous, the characteristics of the development of WHYTH series/dental clinic sewage treatment equipment (dental clinic 1) Early early pond: equipment pond for vertical flow sedimentation tank, sewage in the rising velocity of settling basin is 0. 6 - 0. 7 mm/SEC, settle sludge with air to sludge pool 1) Planning is necessary to operators with the requirements of the selected process and structures ( Buildings) Type, the primary equipment, planning and data, etc. , should be zai-shallow pits big limit use of need, in order to ensure the realization of the function of the sewage treatment station of oral outpatient service to above wastewater treatment equipment installation process is walter huayuan small cui for your oral outpatient service return to sohu sewage treatment equipment installation process, a see more, hospital sewage disposal equipment should have five characteristics 1, hospital sewage disposal equipment can be built in the ground, the earth's surface above are covering do green belts or other land use, roads, parking lot, don't take any outpatient construction land wastewater treatment equipment investment is low, long life, once put into permanent benefit 3, biochemical pool using the biological contact oxidation method, the packing is lower, the volume of the load itself in the microbial oxidation phase, less sludge production, only three months, 90 days) More than a mud exhaust ( With dung suction or dehydrated into mud cake sinotrans) 5、该污水处理设备为钢结构组成,选择AO法处理工艺,采用先进的防腐技术,使设备具有耐酸、碱、盐、汽油、煤油等,耐老化、耐污水处理设备生产厂冲磨,设计防腐寿命达到30年以上噪音小于二类地区的标准二、乡镇医院废水综合医院废水一体式污水处理设备方案介绍牙科污水处理设备是我公司研发生产的一种新型医疗污水处理设备,其针对牙科门诊、口腔医院、眼科诊所、卫生室手术室等污水的消毒处理,设备采用一体式规划,内部结构精密,口腔污水处理设备对污水处理作用抱负,设备运用简略便利,无需专人管理,设备无需加药,更次污染口腔牙科污水处理设备准则牙科门诊污水处理设备运转可完成手动、主动转化,调试阶段以及故障维护阶段各工艺运转可通过手动操控完成,正常运转阶段通过主动操控体系完成口腔诊所一体化污水处理设备报价污水处理主动运转状态下,设备由污水感应器操控设备的作业,感应器感应到污水之后臭氧高能消毒体系与污水提高体系联动,无缝联接,保证出水安稳合格口腔污水处理设备无需集水池,将污水接入设备进水口即可,污水抵达液位即可自动门诊污水处理设备处理,水位缺乏自动中止,无需投加原料,运费用低只需接通电源三、口腔牙科专用污水处理设备报价清单在一般情况下,医院污水的沉渣分离要求不很高,只是水量变化较大,常规预处理可采用流程1) , when a relatively stable and sewage water of organic and inorganic sand separation of suspended solid have higher requirements, the process can be used 2) , when the concentration of suspended solids in sewage is lower, or suspended solid assumes the posture is not easy to remove, the process can be used 3) , disinfectant in the subsequent processing can make efficient use of the hospital sewage pollutant concentration is generally lower than that of domestic sewage, are often higher than the secondary emission standard outpatient sewage treatment equipment, such as the secondary biological treatment, the investment cost is higher, so some level enhanced ~ pretreatment process or is called the level 1 and a half pretreatment process can also be in hospital sewage treatment in accordance with the requirements of processing appropriate choose hospital sewage secondary treatment is mainly refers to the biological treatment, its purpose is to remove dissolved and posture of organic pollutants in wastewater hospital sewage water volume small, the change of water quality, suspended solids and bacteria concentration degree of rural sewage treatment equipment price is high, the subsequent must be strengthen the disinfection process characteristics and determine the hospital sewage secondary treatment process should meet the high load, ability to withstand water change, simple operation, stable running, such as requirements, general small sewage treatment technology can be used for hospital sewage secondary processing _4J, now better hospital sewage treatment methods have a hydrolysis contact oxidation process, CASS process, such as the l hospital comprehensive wastewater disinfection treatment is the final step of the sewage treatment system, also is the key to hospital sewage treatment, its purpose is to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the water and fecal coliform
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