Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment for our county ordered paper mills forced wastewater discharge online monitoring equipment installed within a time limit

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-24
Many netizens in consultation on papermaking wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find five article about related information of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment, please follow look small make up the Abstract 】 Recently, located in guangdong well-known paper - — Foshan chengtong paper co. , LTD. , is to transfer domestic double cylinder paper machine, Germany imports more than net long long net paper machine and the supplementary pulping, paper cutting, thermoelectric, wastewater treatment facilities of the paper machine of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment and put into production in 1984, 1575 mm in length, maximum operating speed of 85 m/min, the transformation for many times, now the paper machine configuration basically has: more than two long nets, six cylinder, cylinder, three blade coating head, and a the introduction of Japanese phase, gloss calender, transmission for the division of the frequency conversion control of pulp production line for: a 15 tons/day beating commodity bleaching pulp board line, a 10 tons/day white paper liner pulping line, a 50 tons/day from Japan in sichuan and the main equipment technology of mixed waste paper pulping line this production line is introduced in 1994, 1996 German second-hand equipment, copying 4250 mm wide, structure of the speed of 400 m/min, introduced by the system upgrade for three long mesh and fold mesh coated white paper machine, currently working speed of 350 m/distribution of pulping production line for: a 80 tons/day goods beating pulp board line, a 300 tons/day Germany imports ( Most of VIOTH equipment) 混合废纸制浆线、一条180吨/天引进美国KBC公司主要设备技术的废纸制浆线一、我县责令家造纸厂限期强制安装废水排放在线监测监控设备7月28日,我县接到中央生态环境保护督察组交办的群众信访举报件,副县长朱新丰带领县生态环境局、工业和信息化局、九峰镇等相关部门领导及执法人员第一时间赶赴现场调查核实处理一家为漳州市宏顺纸业有限公司处于停产状态,该造纸污水处理设备公司建设有7个沤浆池,5个正在沤浆,检查沤浆池周边环境未发现有沤浆水渗漏迹象,沤浆产生不可再利用的沤浆液危险废物,统一收集至防腐防渗的容器里,并建立有完整的危险废物产生、贮存和转移台账,污水处理设施接触氧化池正在曝气增氧,排放口未发现有废水排放另外一家公司为平和县祥凯纸业有限公司,建有一套污水处理系统,生产废水统一收集进入污水处理系统处理后排入九峰溪,现场检查时,该公司处于停产状态2016年5月19日下午,原平和县环境保护局对平和县祥凯纸业有限公司进行现场检査时,发现该公司在污水处理设施收集池有2根带有阀的PVC管排放废水污染水环境针对九峰镇赤草埔2家造纸厂至今未安装废水排放口的在线监测监控设备,正常生产时若废水处理系统出现故障异常情况,应急处理不及时可能存在废水污染环境的大型污水处理设备问题,平和生态环境局已责令该2家造纸厂限期强制安装废水排放在线监测监控设备,待完成在线设备安装后才能恢复生产二、电磁流量计造纸行业污水处理应用造纸行业对于流量计的需求量是特别巨大的,国内的大中型造纸企业也已逐步地开始完成了电磁流量计替代传统的差压流量仪表的过程,目前国家 35 万吨规模的造纸厂,电磁流量计使用已达到 400台左右电磁流量计在制浆过程中主要是参与对打生产医院污水处理设备磨浆、水和酸或碱的流量测量而对参与脱墨过程的脱墨剂( Common deinking agent has 2 sio3 Na0H, Na papermaking wastewater treatment equipment, Na2O2 or H2O2) Measurement, the electrode electromagnetic flowmeter and the selection of lining will be measured using electromagnetic flowmeter in each preparation workshop into the writing workshop of slurry pool of inflow and flowed from the slurry pool with slurry pool flow measurement point, a total of five kinds of pulp ( Pulp, deinked pulp, CTMP, machine pulp, caustic liquid) Involved in mixing process after years of practice, the electromagnetic flowmeter is widely use in the field of papermaking PTFE or other fluorine plastic lining: electrode according to the different nature of the liquid respectively choose three, integrated wastewater treatment equipment meet the national discharge standard
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