Pentair Triton Two Sand Filter - The Right Choice

by:Jinwantong     2020-09-09

In the world of sand filters Pentair are a recognised high-end brand with the capacity and capability for administering the filtering process to larger swimming pools and those with a demand for a low maintenance system. Pentair sand filters stand for quality, durability and heritage and although at the more expensive end of the scale, the extra cost is offset by the lower maintenance costs for the period of time you utilise the unit.
The Pentair Triton Two Side Mount TR60 is a heavy class model with a fibreglass outer casing which is specially coated to protect the filter from UV rays. This superior model is designed around a single piece tank unit and incorporates the standard sand filter nozzles and valves for connections to be attached.
On the top of the tank unit is the pressure gauge which reads up to a maximum of 50psi. It is when this pressure gauge displays a reading of between eight and ten psi that you need to initiate the backwashing process. The backwash setting is one of six processes in the arsenal offered by the Triton Two. The other standard processes include rinse, recalculation, winterize, close and of course filter. It is the level to which this filter carries out these processes that mark it out as a top model.
This is in part due to the inner workings of the Triton Two. The internal pipe work is threaded which means the screwed connections offer a more stable plumbing network, which in turn creates a more stable system and it also allows for easier replacement or maintenance of parts.
The Filter and draining processes are carried out to optimum levels thanks to the sand beds located inside the tank. The filter media is designed to remain on a flat basis which aids the filter process of the filthy water through the sand layers. It is this standard which keeps your swimming pool clean for longer periods and with less hassle or monitoring.
With an effective filtration area of 3.14 square feet and a flow rate (GPM) of 63, the Pentair TR60 provides a high level of swimming pool cleanliness for any size, but can support a bigger size unlike other models. You will require 150lbs of pea gravel and 450lbs of sand for your filter media and on average, due to the efficiency of the Pentair range you can expect to change this sand every 5-7 years.
The Pentair Triton Two TR60 is a sand filter you choose when quality is an issue not price. Even though the unit retails at approximately $1500, you can always find it at a fraction of this price online. The retail recommended price simply informs you of the innovation and expertise that has been poured into this brand over the past fifty years. You know your swimming pool will be in safe hands with a Pentair sand filter.

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