Pig pig slaughtering slaughtering wastewater treatment equipment 50 m day red district grand slaughterhouse wastewater treatment project of heilongjiang daqing

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-07
Many netizens in consulting about pig slaughter wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find four article about introduce pig slaughter wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up in 2012, my company to undertake commissioned by the owners, in line with the goal of protecting the environment, follow the 'two low' ( High processing efficiency, high automation degree, low investment, low operating cost) Principle, through the comparative and comprehensive analysis, industry waste water and sewage treatment system to the company after the advancement and reliability analysis, the effect of the governance, investment, engineering reliability, technical economy many aspects of comparison, according to the actual circumstance of the owner, the preparation of the technical plan of this project, and estimate the project investment cost and provide the reference for the company leadership, decision making, henan 1 ring source environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Research and development production of pig slaughter wastewater treatment equipment by carbon steel or stainless steel components for prevention of corrosion, the scene splicing, light weight, easy to transport, convenient installation 7, the whole pig slaughter wastewater treatment equipment processing system is equipped with PLC automatic electric control system and equipment fault alarm system, pig slaughtering wastewater treatment equipment safe and reliable running, normally do not need of personnel management, just in time to pig slaughter wastewater treatment equipment maintenance and maintenance, management fees small ring, henan source environmental protection pig slaughtering sewage treatment equipment is buried underground water not only effect is good, and can reach more than 90% of the earth's surface covered, if use cold like water special signature tree species or the lawn, streams, fountains, ponds, fish pond water treatment landscape, foul to spring and governance of the sewage and beautify the environment, satisfy the desire of hills and people share button editor: Li Yifang returned to sohu, see more, pig slaughter wastewater treatment of livestock and poultry slaughter wastewater treatment equipment development application voyage environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Weifang using anaerobic - A lack of oxygen - Slaughterhouse wastewater aerobic method, with simple process, reliable operation and convenient management of pig slaughter wastewater treatment equipment, low cost, than conventional aerobic treatment according to the engineering of sewage water quality, water quantity, the sewage is mainly process ` process design is as follows: first by the drainage pipe road after summarizing wastewater by the fine screen, slaughter wastewater treatment equipment to remove large particles suspended solids in the wastewater, wool, broken bone gravity separation after the removal of contaminants wastewater into adjusting pool, oil separation tank floatation separation of oil into the oil pool regularly outbound slaughterhouse wastewater treatment process many how much is the integration of sewage treatment equipment, natural ecological treatment, biological treatment, chemical treatment were applied, various process has its advantages and limitations, should according to the requirements of the water quality characteristics, treatment and discharge and comprehensive consideration of economic, management factors in selecting the best slaughterhouse wastewater treatment equipment and technology, and pay attention to the combination of slaughter wastewater treatment process using so, wastewater zero discharge manufacturers recommended users when choosing wastewater treatment equipment and process can also be based on the performance of the equipment, management and cost considerations, select equipment and processes meet oneself circumstance 2, pig slaughterhouse meat processing wastewater treatment equipment production wastewater concentrated pig slaughtering wastewater treatment equipment in short period of time to discharge, water wave, mainly comes from the cooking wastewater and washing wastewater, it has a large uneven, drainage water volume, high concentration, impurity and suspended matter, can be a good biochemical characteristics, NH3 - should be considered in the process design N the effects on the wastewater treatment (3) suspended solids content is higher in waste water and suspended solids content of SS is 250 mg/L, in addition to inorganic impurity particles cement prefabricated integration of sewage treatment equipment mould manufacturer, also contains a lot of illiquid organic compounds such as lipids and proteins, they make up about 40% of CODCr - 50%, according to the water quality, it can be seen that the wastewater can be better biological sex, water quality, turbidity, perishable easy rotten, form scum, must undergo pretreatment before biological treatment according to the characteristics of wastewater quality and emission standards after the comprehensive analysis and comparison, this scheme process USES oil separation precipitation preprocessing biochemical treatment process because of the waste water containing a certain amount of insoluble organic matter are difficult to be removed ( Such as oil) , macromolecular organic pollutants ( Such as proteins) And long chain organic pollutants ( Such as fiber) Before, therefore, must be conducted in the aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment is chosen as the good at the same time
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