Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment spray paint room furniture factory sewage treatment equipment process processing equipment is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-01
Many netizens in consulting issue of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find five article about introduction of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment related information, please follow look small make up also has a professional supplier of paint mist coagulant, in conventional spray paint wastewater treatment process, we have to know to paint wastewater types, characteristics and the process, this is to have cultured, such as water-based paint and oil paint and UV paint wastewater treatment you need to use special paint mist coagulant ab agent products, and according to the scene of the equipment condition take different spray paint wastewater treatment method sewage treatment process, there are many traditional biochemical treatment, another is the paint mist coagulant, can discharge after the former belongs to the processing, but the high cost, long time, basically no one choose this painting wastewater treatment method in the spray paint sewage treatment experiments or spray paint in the sewage treatment field, paint mist coagulant can be directly cic to add water circulation pool, paint mist coagulant a agent's role is to package the paint spray paint waste water and broken down into no viscosity small particles, dissolved in water safety, excellent viscosity, breaking emulsification, decomposition ( Broken stick) Later, can control the water screen type spray painting in the circulating water paint, and organic matter ( Bacteria) Wastewater treatment process, thus greatly reducing the paint cost of treatment effect is good or bad often determines the running status of the follow-up process, effluent water quality and costs, choosing special paint wastewater treatment agent - Paint mist coagulant AB agent products, of course, also want to have a high quality manufacturer of paint mist coagulant, for improving water quality, reduce the cost of an important technical and economic value, processing spray paint wastewater is advantageous to the coating of paint manufacturers to control the spray waste dye index, and can reduce the paint waste water pollution, regular use can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency, hong source water treatment technology can provide technical support, let the water screen type spray painting wastewater treatment is no longer difficult voyage environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Weifang fouling multiple coating spray paint in the sewage treatment field test data calculation, using the corresponding paint mist coagulant AB agent products, its processing cost than traditional coating paint wastewater treatment process to save 20% Around 30%, with continuous innovation and development of technology, AB printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment agent in household appliances, bicycle paint, residential and commercial steel furniture, car coating, metal paint, motorcycle parts and surface spray coating, furniture paint, instrument shell, electrical cabinet paint, agricultural machinery, sports equipment and other coating spray paint wastewater treatment process has good except paint effect, no emissions, need not change water, environmental protection, energy conservation, the key to this is the paint mist coagulant AB agent one, integrated wastewater treatment equipment A2O process of A2 / O process are Anaerobic - 缺氧, Oxic, abbreviations are anaerobic - A lack of oxygen - Aerobic biological denitrification and phosphorus removal electrophoresis (hereinafter referred to as the process efficiency of wastewater treatment process equipment can achieve: general BOD5 and SS were 90% ~ 95%, for more than 70% of the total nitrogen, phosphorus is approximately 90%, generally applicable to the requirements of denitrification and phosphorus removal of large and medium-sized city sewage plant but the A2 / O process capital expenditure and running cost are higher than normal activated sludge process, operation and management demand is high, so for now the situation of our country, after the treatment of dyeing wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment of sewage discharged into closed or slow flow water bodies cause eutrophication of water body, which affect water supply water source, only using the process of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic three different environmental conditions and different kinds of organic microbe groups to cooperate, can also have the function of the removal of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus denitrogenation effect is affected by the mixture of reflux ratio size, DO wrapped into the phosphorus removal effect is the return sludge and nitric acid, the influence of oxygen and nitrogen phosphorus removal efficiency can't be very high, sewage treatment equipment for the future development direction under the water treatment equipment to share three fai for rural sewage treatment methods, in fouling township and rural sewage treatment equipment water treatment problems DO not need to consider to keep the simple and complex problems, speak a lot of farmers could not understand the concept of the term, let farmers lost interest in listening to it, or even lose faith in the policy, technology and its practitioners, this is what leads to difficult to promote rural sewage treatment is an important reason
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